The 10 best nutritional supplements for women

The right combination of vitamins can easily enhance your day with a healthy boost. Our expert suggests 10 nutritional supplements targeted to your individual needs.

Nutritional supplements for women
Taken a stroll down the supplement aisle lately? With an entire alphabet of vitamins and minerals 
on offer, the options can be overwhelming. And even if you find a fortifier that seems to suit your 
needs, are those tiny tablets enough to meet your recommended daily intake?

One thing that's for sure is that the average Canadian woman's need for supplements is greater than ever. We're not getting our fill of nutrients from a rainbow of fresh foods. Studies done in 2004 and 2009 found almost a quarter of us weren't eating any fruits or veggies in a typical day. We're running the risk of serious deficiencies.

But, according to Bryce Wylde, a one-size-fits-all multivitamin isn't necessarily the best solution. "Not everyone needs everything in supplement form, but nobody gets enough of everything," says the Toronto-based homeopath, nutritionist and host of CP24's Wylde on Health. Instead, Wylde advocates tailoring your supplement intake to boost the levels of the specific nutrients you're lacking.

Nutritional supplements you need
While the benefits of some of the better-known supplements have been well documented, many equally hardworking nutrients get lost in the shuffle. With that in mind, we consulted a panel of experts to single out the 10 supplements Canadian women need most, with a breakdown of the rewards you can reap by working them into your daily rotation. And if you'd rather get your vitamins and minerals from good old-fashioned food, we've identified the best grocery store sources of these body-building nutrients.

1. Omega 3 fatty acids for hormone balance
When your body's dealing with the chemical curveball of a hormone imbalance, you're particularly susceptible to disease, says Wylde. Omega-3 essential fatty acids (they're called "essential" because the body can't manufacture them on its own) 
play a role in restoring hormonal harmony, and help keep hair, skin and vaginal tissues healthy throughout menopause, he says.

Warning: Omega-3s have a natural blood-thinning effect.

Daily dose: At least 3 grams

Find at the grocery store: Fatty fish such as salmon; flaxseed; walnuts

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