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The Property Brothers' tips for ramping up your home's resale value

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The Property Brothers' tips for ramping up your home's resale value

Location: Niagara Falls, Ont.

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Our experts:
Jonathan and Drew Scott, “Property Brothers,” W Network

1. Play up the porch
“A well-defined outdoor space can be really inviting and helps potential buyers visualize this as their home,” says Jonathan, who suggests a two-step plan to polish this feature. “First, give the space purpose with a couple of stylish, contemporary chairs and a side table,” he says. “Next, frame the porch by adding a railing in a colour that contrasts the brick.”

2. Show them the money
The homeowner recently replaced the windows, which is a strong selling feature. Drew wants to highlight them by installing more substantial window casings, preferably in white for maximum contrast against the dark brick. “You should always emphasize any upgrades you've done in and around the house,” he says.

3. Defend the foundation
Jonathan sees a potential problem with the uneven paving at the threshold of the garage door. “It's important that grading always leads away from the house to allow for proper drainage,” he says. Even if there's no water damage now, Jonathan says the flaw could still plant doubts in prospective buyers' minds. “We always encourage homeowners to repair any cracks, gaps or openings that may result in more serious, costly concerns down the road.”

4. Ditch the screen door
The screen door is a little outdated,” says Drew, who recommends removing it entirely. “To save on the cost of replacing it, simply paint the remaining front door a bold colour.” Opt for an exterior paint that offers resistance to extreme temperature change as well as mould, mildew and other types of fungus.

5. Get growing
The current landscaping might look lush in summer, but Drew and Jonathan feel it's a bit, well, lacking in the winter, when this shot was taken. “Opt for all-season greenery, shrubs and plants that will stay vibrant throughout the year,” Drew suggests. Although you could easily blow your entire budget on landscaping alone, Drew says a focused planting approach is key. “You don't need to clutter the front yard with plants to make it feel full,” he says. “A garden bed lining the driveway would create a more welcoming and lush approach to the home, and a row of shrubs along the front porch would provide some privacy from the street. Gold mops and hibiscus will lend welcome greenery year-round.

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Home & Garden

The Property Brothers' tips for ramping up your home's resale value