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16 crocheting, sewing and knitting patterns for stylish household accessories

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DIY & Crafts

16 crocheting, sewing and knitting patterns for stylish household accessories

There's nothing quite like a few colourful cushions or a new funky lampshade to spruce up a tired-looking living room. Or, how about going green and making your own reusable knitted dishcloth? We've compiled our favourite crocheting, sewing and knitting patterns for beautiful household accessories for you to pick from. Tip: These crafts make perfect homemade gifts!

Comfy cushions and pillow

Knit an Aran pillow
Cuddle up with this cosy handknit pillow.

Knitted and felted flower pillow

Bring spring into your home with this easy-to-make cushion.

Knitted mohair lace pillows in two variations
These two knitted mohair lace pillows will make a lovely addition to any decor.

3 easy-sew pillows

Add a touch of colour and comfort to your outdoor furniture.

Knit a trio of luxurious pillows
Brighten up your decor with these gorgeous silk cushions, best for intermediate knitters.

Knit a stylish jacquard cushion
Inspired by boudoir wallpaper patterns, this petite cushion is knitted in two colours using a simple stranding technique. It is worked in mercerized cotton, backed in sumptuous velvet, and trimmed with either braid or tassels.

Floor cushions

These soft and comfy portable seats have many uses, from chair cushions and pet beds to cozy spots for napping children.

Kitchen essentials
Knit a coffee cup sleeve
Are you a Starbucks or Tim Hortons addict? Lessen your impact on the environment by knitting your own personalized coffee cup sleeve out of scraps of worsted weight yarn.

Knitted flower washcloth
These gorgeous, colourful face cloths are a perfect quick project for gifts, stocking stuffers or a little something for yourself.

Knit a ballband dishcloth
This handy cotton cloth knits up in no time, making it perfect as a last-minute stocking stuffer.

Knit an aromatherapy tea cosy
This charming cosy includes hidden interior pockets for scented sachets.

Hot water bottle covers
Fleece hot-water bottle bag
A fleece bag helps to insulate your hot-water bottle.

Knitted and felted hot water bottle cover
This luxurious accessory will make a welcome addition to your home.

Other cute household accessories
Revamp a lamp with this easy knitted lampshade
Lighting in the bedroom needs to be just right -- warm, soft and flattering. The soft alpaca yarn in this shade lets the light shine through and gives the room a glow.

Easy-to-make knitting basket
Make a handy knitting basket that will help you to organize your yarn, looms and needles.

Easy-to-knit pencil case
Make this easy knit pencil case and you'll have one less item on your school supply shopping list.


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DIY & Crafts

16 crocheting, sewing and knitting patterns for stylish household accessories