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Nothing extends a warm winter welcome like a statement-making wreath. Here are five one-of-a-kind wreath ideas you can whip up over the course of a weekend.

1. Forever green
This monochromatic mix of lime, chartreuse and kelly green will weather the elements almost as well as your traditional Fraser fir.
green wreath

What you'll need:
- Artificial berry sprigs Pinecones
- Green latex paint (three shades)
- Craft wire
- Foam wreath form
- Artificial pears
- Reindeer moss
- Wire-edge ribbon

How to make it: Dip berry sprigs and tips of pinecones in latex paint, switching up paint colours so all three shades are represented equally. Allow to dry. Wind 10-inch (25 cm) lengths of craft wire around individual berry sprigs and bases of pinecones; wire them in place on wreath form. Continue adding sprigs and pinecones until wreath form is completely covered. Affix pears to wreath form with craft wire. Fill in gaps with reindeer moss and dress with ribbon bow.

2. Present Perfect
This ring of pretty packaged gifts is a playful update on the classic wreath form.
diy wreath

What you'll need:
- Small square and rectangular gift boxes
- Ribbon
- Buttons
- Jingle bells
- Ornaments
- Hot-glue gun
- Sheet of foamcore
- Craft knife
- Artificial greenery
- sprays (such as Ashland artificial greenery)

How to make it: Decorate gift-box lids with ribbon, buttons, jingle bells and small ornaments. Arrange boxes in tightly packed ring formation on sheet of
foamcore. Using hot-glue gun, attach base of each box to foamcore. Using craft knife, cut foamcore 1/2 inch (1 cm) beyond inner and outer rings of boxes; remove excess. Fill gaps between boxes with artificial greenery; affix with glue. Hang indoors.

3. Ring in the season
PVC pipe takes a glamorous turn in this chic upcycling project.
diy wreath

What you'll need:
- Protective goggles
- Fine-blade mitre saw
- PVC pipe in four widths
- Sandpaper
- Waterproof permanent adhesive
- Clamps
- White spray paint
- Shatterproof ball ornaments
- Hot-glue gun
- Ribbon

How to make it: Wearing protective goggles, use mitre saw to cut pipes into 3-inch (8 cm) lengths. Smooth cut edges with sandpaper, then arrange tubes in ring formation. Bond tubes with adhesive, using clamps to ensure maximum adhesion. Once adhesive is dry, apply two coats of spray paint. Glue ornaments inside tubes with hot-glue gun, then hang wreath from ribbon, looping both ends through tubes at top right and left.

4. Gone to the dogs
Painted in traditional holiday hues, dog biscuits make fetching festive ornaments.
cute diy wreath

What you'll need:
- Flat picture or art frame
- High-gloss spray paint
- Dog treats in various sizes
- Dog leash
- Hot-glue gun
- Waterproof permanent adhesive
- Picture-hanging wire

How to make it: Remove glass and backing from the picture frame. Spray paint frame and dog treats in well-ventilated area. Let dry. Using hot-glue gun, affix dog treats to frame. Tie dog leash into bow; glue onto treats. Hang wreath safely out of reach of animals and children from wire stretched across top rear of frame.

5. Buttons and bows
This easy-to-assemble wreath presents the perfect opportunity for wee ones to help out with holiday decorating.
red wreath

What you'll need:
- Foam wreath form
- Yarn
- Pipe cleaners
- Hot-glue gun
- Buttons
- Felt
- Pom-poms
- Bow

How to make it: Wind yarn around wreath form until completely covered. Bend pipe cleaners into tear-drop-shaped "poinsettia leaves"; using hot-glue gun, affix button at centre. Cut three different-sized circles from felt; glue in stacked formation with button at centre. Glue pipe-cleaner poinsettias, stacked felt circles and pom-poms onto wreath form. Glue bow to top of wreath.

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