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Digital textiles: Create a rick rack pillow

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Digital textiles: Create a rick rack pillow

Scanner (HP 4670)
Computer (HP Compaq Presario V2140CA)
Colour Inkjet Printer (HP Photosmart 8450)
Something to scan (a rickrack collage -- made of a piece of cardboard, some carpet tape and rickrack -- was used for this craft)
Scanning software that came with your scanner such as HP Image Zone
Image Editing Software such as Windows Paint (which comes with a PC), or Adobe Photoshop Elements
Printable Inkjet Fabric (used Inkjet Printing Print on Cotton)
Plain fabric 16 1/2 " X16 1/2 "

Click here for step-by-step instructions with images.

1. Pictured here are the materials (collection of old rickrack, a piece of cardboard and some carpet tape) used to create a design for a pillow cover.

2. Create a collage with rickrack (or anything else) on cardboard. First, play with the placement until you like the progression of colours. Then cover the cardboard with double-sided carpet tape, peeling off the tape so the surface is totally sticky. Lay each piece of rickrack on the tape, pressing them together firmly. Don't worry about securing the edges, they can be cropped off later on the computer.

3. Next scan the design into the computer, using the software that came with your scanner or your image editing software. Then open the resulting image with your image editing software, and crop the scanned image to an 8" x 8" square, which neatens the edges, and allows the image to fit easily onto 8-1/2" x 11" paper with a seam allowance.
4. Then print four or more of the 8" x 8" designs onto regular office paper to play and create a design with multiples of the collage. You can use "draft" mode.

5. Then run four pieces of Inkjet printable fabric through a colour printer on "best" quality (check your printer manual to ensure optimal settings. Trim to 8" x 8" plus a 1/4" seam allowance all around, and pin and sew two pieces together twice, and then be extra careful to match up the lines of rickrack in the middle so that it makes a nice diamond pattern. Sew on a plain fabric backing 16-1/2" x 16-1/2 " square leaving about 8" to turn it inside out. Stuff it and hand stitch the pillow closed (or you could add a zipper, making a pillow slip).

6. You could make a whole quilt from these 8" squares. Displayed here is my layout for a future project.

Note: To print your own copy of the rick rack design, click here.


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DIY & Crafts

Digital textiles: Create a rick rack pillow