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DIY balloon ninjas

Photography by Ryan Brook Image by: Photography by Ryan Brook Author: Canadian Living

DIY & Crafts

DIY balloon ninjas

Here's what you'll need
-a bag of black helium balloons
-white felt
-glow sticks (optional)
-Nerf guns or ping pong balls

Step 1: Blow up balloons.

Step 2: Create your own ninja masks by cutting a face-shape and eye holes in the white felt.

Step 3: Tape the mask onto your balloon.

For glow in the dark fun: Turn to the dark side by inserting active glow sticks into the balloons before inflating. Then, turn out the lights and let the ninja hunt begin!

The game: Enlist leftover party balloons into a hit squad of stealth ninjas. Scatter your ninjas throughout the house and let your children loose armed with Nerf guns or ping pong balls.

Tip: Helium balloons tied or weighted down work best for an army of floating ninjas but sticks can help your balloon ninjas to peer out from bookcases and sofa backs.

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DIY & Crafts

DIY balloon ninjas