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Helping hands for Dad

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DIY & Crafts

Helping hands for Dad

Dad is always saying how he could use an extra hand, so this year for Father's Day give him this unique coupon book that is full of helpful things kids can do for him on his special day. This craft is very easy to make and guaranteed to please.

You need:
Pencil or marker
1 empty paper towel roll
1 sheet of construction paper
5 colorful sheets of paper
5 large wooden stir sticks

To make:
1. Begin by tracing your child's hand on 5 different coloured sheets of paper. Cut out each hand.

2. Using the phrase, "This hand will help you..." write out the value of each coupon. For example, "This hand will help you wash the car" or "...sweep out the garage" or " the dishes" or "...take out the garbage".

3. Once the phrases are all written on the hands, glue a large stir stick to the back of each of the hands.

4. Using construction paper and glue, cover the paper towel roll.

5. Cut five slits in the paper towel roll. Then once the glue on your helping hands is dry insert the end of each stir stick in an opening. (Note: If you decide to make more than five helping hands for Dad just increase the number of cuts in the paper towel roll.)

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DIY & Crafts

Helping hands for Dad