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Mini collage Christmas cards

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DIY & Crafts

Mini collage Christmas cards

• Blank greeting cards (available at some stationery and art supply stores)*
• Scraps of foil, card stock, and coloured plain, corrugated and handmade papers (available at some stationery and art supply stores)*
• Scraps of fabric and ribbon, sequins, beads and buttons
• Stickers, photos and motifs cut from Christmas cards, gift wrap, comics or
computer clip art
• Patterns traced from colouring books (for use with fabric and fusible web, optional)
• Metallic gold dimensional craft paint in applicator-tip plastic bottle,
fine- and broad-tip permanent gold markers, small seasonal stencils, gold
stamp pad and stamps*
• Decorative-edge scissors* (optional)
• Scraps of lightweight paper-backed fusible web (optional)*
• White craft glue*
• Brass fasteners (available at stationery stores, optional)
• Hole punch (optional)

*Available at craft supply stores.

1. On scrap of paper or fabric, create a central motif for card front, such as a fused-on fabric star, stencilled tree, Santa sticker, hand-drawn angel or glued-on button. If desired, trim edge with scissors, or tear, leaving desired border around motif; glue to contrasting or complementary paper scrap. Continue layering onto 2 to 4 successively larger scraps, mixing textures and colours.

2. Centre and glue finished collage to card front, or punch hole in corner(s) and tie on with ribbon or attach with fastener(s). If desired, add stickers, glue on photos, paper cutouts or buttons and add stencilled or stamped motifs.

3. With marker(s), write on message, draw faux stitch lines, outline with dots or lines, or draw designs along borders.

4. If desired, decorate envelope flap with coordinating motif(s).

To cut out fabric and fuse to paper:
Lay fusible web, backing side up, on pattern(s); trace along cutting lines. Cut out just outside cutting lines; fuse to wrong side of fabric. Cut out along cutting lines. Peel off backing; fuse fabric to paper.

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DIY & Crafts

Mini collage Christmas cards