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Billberry Bias Wrap knitting pattern

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Billberry Bias Wrap knitting pattern

The Billberry Bias Wrap is a timeless transitional piece that can be worn anywhere, with anything, all year round. Plus, it's a pleasure to knit. The pattern is the perfect introduction to lace knitting and the stitch shows off the yarn beautifully. Made with Brezo yarn—a luxurious blend of wool, mulberry silk and linen—it will keep you warm in air-conditioned restaurants and cool outside on a sunny day. A great travel item, the wrap fits into a small bag. You'll want to wear it as soon as you cast off the last stitch.

Knitting tips:

You may find that your stitches slip around on your needles because of the type of yarn and nature of the pattern. Some people find their yarn slips less if they use bamboo or wooden needles. Also, you may want to use point protectors or a rubber band when transporting your project to prevent the stitches from falling off your needles in transit.


2 Skeins of Americo Brezo  (40% Wool, 35% Mulberry Silk, 25% Linen) 

100g/437 yards (400 m)

4 mm (US 6) size needles

Yarn needle or crochet hook

Note about the yarn: Brezo is available through Americo Original online and in store. You can substitute for other fingering weight yarns like Americo's  Fine Tweed or any fingering weight yarn from your stash.


20 inches (48 cm) x 85 inches (216 cm). This pattern stitch creates a fabric that lays on its bias. To measure, lay flat and hold measuring tape against outside edge.


Not essential—with most knitting projects it is important to do a gauge swatch, but there are times when you can skip this part. The results will still vary depending on your tension as a knitter, so if you're very specific we recommend that you knit a swatch in the stitch pattern and block it before you start your wrap.


K, k : knit
P, p : purl

k2t (slant to R): Insert the needle into the front of the 2 knit stitches from left to right. Draw the yarn through to the front knitwise, and drop both stitches from the needle.

YO : Yarn over—To create an extra stitch when adjacent stitch is a knit stitch. Bring the working yarn to the front and lay the yarn over top of the working needle in counter-clockwise direction

Pattern stitch:

Row 1: K3, (YO, k2t) to last 2 stitches, k2

Row 2: K2, purl to last 2 stitches, k2

Repeat these two rows.


Using 4 mm (US 6) size needles, cast on 101 stitches. Purl 2 rows. Change to pattern stitch and continue until work measures 85 inches (216 cm). Knit 2 rows. Cast off.


Weave in all loose ends. Block garment—your stitches will relax and the lace portion of your wrap will open up and flatten out—leaving you with a more attractive finished piece.

Americo Original is a Canadian yarn and knitting shop located in the heart of Toronto's trendy Queen Street West. Americo yarns are manufactured in socially responsible mills in the Andean highlands of South America, and made strictly from natural fibres, including luxurious wool, llama, alpaca, organic cotton, linen, silk and cashmere. All patterns are designed by the Americo team in-house, with an emphasis on simple designs that are as easy and enjoyable to wear as they are to knit. Americo ships worldwide from their online store:

Follow Americo Orignal Inc. on Facebook and Instagram @americooriginal for daily knitting inspiration.

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Knitting & Crochet

Billberry Bias Wrap knitting pattern