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How to store gardening tools in your garage

Photography by Dann Tardif Author: Sarah Gunn

Organization & Cleaning

How to store gardening tools in your garage

HGTV outdoor design and lifestyle expert Carson Arthur shares his tips for housing your garden supplies.

Need a dedicated spot to store gardening supplies and to prepare for the growing season? Forget the old back shed, says HGTV outdoor design and lifestyle expert Carson Arthur. Instead, carve out a corner of your garage, creating more flexible, usable space. Here are his top tips for getting it garden-ready.

Make it modular
Installing a custom storage system will allow you to maximize your space and
adapt it to suit your family, says Arthur. A system with heavy-duty caster wheels can be moved according to your needs. The butcher-block top provides a no-fuss surface, and locking drawers can safely house toxic garden chemicals.

Supplies in demand
Dedicate a cool, dark place to storing other garden essentials such as soil,
fertilizer and mulch. "These products are designed to help plants thrive, but they also grow moss, fungus and bacteria," says Arthur. "Although great for the garden, fertilizer and mulches are bad for the garage because they're harmful when inhaled in an enclosed space."

Time it right
"Mulch acts as an insulator, so it keeps the cold in the ground longer," says Arthur. "You want to add it when the ground has thawed and is nice and easy to work." You might want to wait on bright flowering plants, too. Even though they're on display in gardening centres, they're not ready to withstand unpredictable spring weather. Get your colour fix with vibrant outdoor accessories instead.

Tools of the trade
Planting a vegetable garden? Arthur suggests stocking up on a few essentials: cloches (small transparent plant covers) to temporarily shelter crops from cold snaps, and a narrow hoe and rake so you can easily navigate between the beds. Hang tools, using adjustable wall racks and hooks, to keep the space tidy.

Gladiator Premier base unit, starting at $450,

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Organization & Cleaning

How to store gardening tools in your garage