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Great ways to keep your kids busy in the summer

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Great ways to keep your kids busy in the summer

Not sure how to keep your kids busy during the hot summer months? When planning their break try and keep activities varied, engaging and fun. You can make this summer a memorable one full of new experiences: Introduce your bookworm to sports by taking in a baseball game together, or get your Wii junkie to a conservation park for the day.

We've rounded up over 60 of our best ideas to keep your kids busy this summer. Family favourites include making forts, going on treasure hunts and talent show nights. You'll also find surprising things to do with your kids after-dark, like watching fireworks, tracking dinosaurs and going on a spooky, haunted hike.

Photo gallery: 10 free and fun activites for kids

10 great extracurricular activities that won't break the bank.

Extracurricular activities can stress a family budget to its limits, but a little imagination and planning can provide fun and entertainment for your kids – for free!

30 fun things to do with your kids this summer

Two months can drag on when trying to keep the kids entertained all summer. Check out our fun-guide for some great summer activity ideas.

Creative minds
1. Think outside the cardboard box. Your child will love making a fort, car or spaceship in your living room or backyard.

How to get your family to have fun with nature

There's more to life than the living room! Here are some tips to get your family moving outside.

Here are some fun ways to make nature a part of your family's life.

• Go for a walk and learn about the bugs, birds, trees and wildflowers near your home. Bring along one of the child-friendly regional guides from Lone Pine Publishing that have easy-to-identify species. Some of their titles include: Bugs of British Columbia, Animal Tracks of Ontario and Mammals of Alberta. Ask for them at your local library or favourite bookstore.

20 fun family activities to do after dusk

Fill your summer with fireworks, ferris wheels and family fun. Here's our guide to great times after dark.

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. But don't kick off your flip-flops and call it a night when the sun goes down. The fun is just beginning coast-to-coast with these 20 after-dark activities.

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Great ways to keep your kids busy in the summer