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Me to We Youth in Action (ages 13 to 17) award winner

Photo courtesy of Nathan How Image by: Photo courtesy of Nathan How Author: Canadian Living

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Me to We Youth in Action (ages 13 to 17) award winner

Nathan How of Victoria has taken part in model United Nations, volunteered as a reading buddy and participated in charitable road races.

But in 2010, when he returned from three weeks in Africa, where he and his family volunteered at the Makeni Ecumenical Centre in Zambia and spent time with HIV-AIDS orphans, he was inspired to become involved with Africa Aids Angels (AAA), an organization that raises money for HIV-AIDS projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

Nathan is now on the board of directors of AAA, actively working to engage youth in the program. Nathan's efforts have earned him Me to We's Youth in Action (ages 13 to 17) award. His $5,000 award money will be donated to AAA.

Canadian Living: You have all made a difference in the world. What motivated you?

Nathan How: A lot of my motivation comes from my parents, actually. They're incredibly bright and are dedicated to everything they do. They committed a lot of time to making sure that I was successful. As a result, I wanted to do something for someone else.

CL: You're young, yet you're achieving great things. How important is it to share your voice?

Nathan: We're not just the leaders of tomorrow; we're the leaders of today. Kids are adaptable. We need new ideas for new challenges.

CL: So what's next for you?

Nathan: I want to go into medicine. I'd love to work with Doctors Without Borders. It's an opportunity to once again be in the real world to see the problems we're trying to solve.

Honourable mentions for Me to We's Youth in Action (ages 13 to 17) award
• Kelsey Fay has spearheaded a multicultural week for the past two years in her small community of Caroline, Alta. She's led several fundraising initiatives and has raised over $10,000 for sustainable development.  

• Cassidy McCarthy of Halifax created Purple Day to raise awareness about epilepsy. Four years later, the day is celebrated across Canada and in 60 countries worldwide.

Without a doubt, this year's six winners of the annual Me to We Awards have earned their accolades. They have built a school in Sudan, supported education in India, volunteered in Kenya, launched an international self-esteem campaign, exposed human rights abuses, mentored HIV-AIDS orphans in Zambia and changed the lives of inner-city youth in Toronto.  

Read about the other five winners and their inspirational stories here:


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Community & Current Events

Me to We Youth in Action (ages 13 to 17) award winner