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How to spot teen and tween burnout

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Tweens and teens are constantly under pressure to live up to certain expectations, whether it's in school, sports or their social circle. This, along with the other challenges that kids face during puberty, can be a recipe for emotional burnout.

Dr. Vivien Brown, a family physician in Toronto, advises parents to watch out for these symptoms that may indicate your tween or teen is suffering from more stress than he can cope with:

• Lack of interest in things he was once passionate about
• Eating too much or too little
• Increased anxiety and nervousness, often to the point of nausea
• Significant changes in attitude
• Easily angered and short-tempered
• Frequent headaches
• Difficulty sleeping
• Skipped periods (in girls)
• Experimentation with alcohol and drugs

Tip: Finding the time to talk to your child one-on-one can help get to the root of the problem. Remain nonjudgmental and let him know you support him no matter what.

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How to spot teen and tween burnout