Tips for skunk smell removal

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Tips for skunk smell removal

It’s summer and your dogs are out enjoying the weather as much as you are. But skunks are also out and about; ready to ward off trouble with nature’s stinkiest defense mechanism. 

What to do if your best friend gets sprayed? Most dogs get sprayed in face because they typically investigate anything that moves with their noses, says Maureen Haddad, owner of Dog-E-Clips groomer in Milton, Ont., so you should immediately check his eyes for redness and irritation and flush with cold water. If you’re concerned, call your vet

Next, tackle the smell. Your best bet is to get your dog to the groomers for a complete wash-down, but if that’s not in your schedule or budget, here are some remedies you can use at home.

Prevent the roll-around 
If you see the smelly assault, don’t give your pet the chance to roll around in the grass. That will just push the skunk’s oil deeper into his coat, making it tougher to remove, says 

Reach for the vinegar
If your dog needs a full cleaning, Haddad suggests rinsing him with a mixture of vinegar diluted in water. Follow with a full scrub-down with dog shampoo.

Create your own cleanser
Need something a bit stronger? Mix together a quarter cup of baking soda, a quart of three percent hydrogen peroxide and one teaspoon of dish soap to use as an odour-busting shampoo. Be careful to keep this mixture out of your dog’s eyes, ears and mouth. 

Powder your pet
Haddad suggests sprinkling baby powder on your pup’s head to leave him smelling sweet. Then brush his teeth with dog-friendly toothpaste (note that fluoride found in human formulas can be harmful to dogs).

Tip for you
To get the stench out of your clothes, launder with your regular detergent and add a half-cup of baking soda. 
As always, if you’re concerned about your dog’s health, contact your vet right away.


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Tips for skunk smell removal