What's your sexting personality?

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What's your sexting personality?

Move over, Millennials! As much as the under-25 set thinks it has a monopoly on all things tech—and sex too, for that matter—sexting isn’t just for bored teens who are between classes. In fact, when it comes to texts that titillate, we (slightly) more mature ladies might be even better at putting our words to good use. We’re wiser, more confident and we know what we want, that is, to sext without shame or embarrassment. So, no matter your sext style, here’s how to do it better.

Square Cher: If this is your first smutty text, or if moving your sexual antics from bedroom to smartphone gives you the giggles, you’re in good company: found that, although about 30 percent of Canadians have sexted, 70 percent have not. Sexting virgins, or those who are just shy, should start small (think suggestive instead of ultra-sexy). Text a special friend something subtle. “This bed is lonely without you” is a great opener that skips anything blush- (or cringe-) worthy. Let the things you’re not texting do the hard work for you.

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Romantic Roberta: If you’ve warmed up to sexting a bit, but aren’t anywhere close to NC-17, veer toward romance instead of raunch. Hint at things to come (“Can’t wait to get my hands on you tonight”) or text fond reminiscences (“Remember that night in Mexico?”). Or, you can ask for exactly what you want tonight—with as much delicious detail as you like.

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Fantasy Nancy: Sexting might not be your style—but how about your alter ego? For a crazy trip outside the box, make like Modern Family’s Phil and Claire (a.k.a. Clive and Juliana) and send a text to a new fellow that you’d never send as yourself. Offer a playful introduction and ask whom you’re speaking to. Describe yourself, what turns you on, and what you’ll do if and when you finally meet in person.

Showy Shandra: Once upon a time, sending naked photos was a huge no-no; if they got into the wrong hands or were made public, you’d really regret it. Now, if you use SnapChat, you never have to worry. The app allows you to set your preferences so that images last for one to 10 seconds before they’re deleted forever. Go bare if you dare, but remember ankles (in stilettos), side-boob and lower backs are sexy, too. Play with angles and lighting and filters to create an image that turns you on as well.

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Dirty Birdie: If you rolled your eyes while reading the previous options, you might be a Dirty Birdie. You need no convincing to think and text dirty thoughts. (Good for you! And congrats to your lucky partner!) If getting sexually explicit comes naturally, by all means, bring out the F-bombs and sexy talk. Remember to choose your timing carefully (texting from work can be a turn-on, but maybe wait until after you’ve made that presentation), and don’t text so fast that you accidentally send something to your dad. Undoubtedly, you’re a sexting expert whose only problem will be delivering on your promises.

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What's your sexting personality?