Our Canada: Halifax, N.S.

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Our Canada: Halifax, N.S.

The architecture, the never-ending coastline, the abundance of great pubs and eateries, the amazing musical talent and top-notch universities gives Halifax a great vibe. The people of the community are probably the friendliest you'll find and they're always up for a fun time. We've had a huge surge in our local food movement within the last several years, too, so there's always a food festival or a tasting to take part in around the city.

There's a lot to see, experience and do when visiting Halifax, and it's all within walking distance (if you don't mind all the hills!). From touring historic Citadel Hill, where they still fire a cannon each day at noon, to walking the scenic boardwalk on the waterfront, to visiting the museums and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, to strolling through the beautiful public gardens, and shopping down Spring Garden Road, you'll find something to suit almost any kind of travel experience.

The Halifax Seaport Farmers Market is probably a top favourite for lush local food and great communal energy. And not everyone knows that the rooftop is accessible for a top-notch view of the entire Halifax Harbour. You should definitely check it out.

A visiting comedian pointed out a fun fact about Halifax's city layout. He said, "Halifax put all the hotels at the bottom of the hill and all the restaurants at the top!" -- It's funny because it's true, so come prepared to walk, wander and explore.
My top three favourite restaurants at the moment are:
1. Agricola Street Brasserie - Chef Beth Muise is my favourite chef in Halifax.
2. Wasabi House – The best sushi in the city! We sure do love our seafood.
3. King of Donair – You can't leave Halifax without having one.

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Our Canada: Halifax, N.S.