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From food to fashion to pet care: discover 25 great Canadian blogs that will engage, entertain and inspire you.

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It seems everyone has a blog these days – with no subject left unturned. But how do you uncover the truly great ones? Check out some of our favourite Canadian blogs. Each of these gets high marks for an engaging voice, well-crafted prose, useful information and attractive visuals, and easy navigation.

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Your Money inspires you to be proactive about your finances. Written by general manager Debbie Frye in Toronto and B.C.-based journalist Kerry K. Taylor, this blog offers easily digestible investment advice and shows you how small changes in your spending can add up to big savings. You'll enjoy posts about twice a week featuring tips for online banking, improving your credit score and avoiding scams.

The David Suzuki Foundation’s Queen of Green, a.k.a. Lindsay Coulter, blogs about hidden toxins in everyday personal-care products and their effects on our health. You'll want to read and share her post on the "dirty dozen" cosmetic chemicals you should avoid.

Attack of the Redneck Mommy by Tanis Miller, will make you LOL. This life-loving Edmonton mom turned to blogging to help her cope with the death of her young son. Moms across the country will identify with her humorous and heartbreaking posts, with stories of haircuts gone wrong, Grade 8 science project nightmares, the nuisance that is other people's children and the unbreakable bond of a mother's love.

The Ottawa Dog Blog is a top-notch resource for dog lovers in Ottawa and beyond. Locals and visitors will love the guide to Ottawa parks, breeders and shelters, and folks across the country will benefit from information on training, behaviour, products and more. Dog lover and computer pro Liz Bradley posts almost every day. Cuteness alert: the Ottawa Dog of the Week is always aww-worthy.

Weighty Matters makes health information seem so salacious! Dr. Yoni Freedhoff posts almost daily, debunking food industry claims and providing you with critiques of nutritionand weight-related ad talk, products and policies. The Ottawa family doctor's examination of Canada's Food Guide and the Heart and Stroke Foundation's Health Check program will make you double-check what goes into your shopping cart.

Oh She Glows is where Angela Liddon shares the tricks that helped her develop a healthy attitude toward food and embrace an active lifestyle. From Milton, Ont., she shares drool-worthy food photos that will have you jogging to the health food store.

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