What makes us Canadian?

Celebrate Canada Day by sharing what it means to you to be Canadian.

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What makes us Canadian? Check out CanadianLiving.com readers' responses below:

"I'm a Canadian not because of my background or even where I was born, but because I believe in Canadian values like peace, tolerance and friendliness. I try to teach these values to my kids so they will pass them down to their kids."
Cynthia Lee, Calgary

"When I first came to The Netherlands 10 years ago I never really thought that being Canadian would make a difference. I found out soon enough that I was welcome with open arms more so because the town of Zutphen where I live was liberated from the Germans by the brave Canadian soldiers that came here. We even have a bridge here that I walk or drive across quite often that is called the Canadian's bridge. I think this made me even more proud of who I am and where I come from. My daughter Jacqueline always finds it so interesting when I tell her the story and she will in turn go on to tell her children one day."
Anne Kipping, Zutphen, The Netherlands

"I have lived in Canada all my life and am truly proud! When I travel to other countries such as the USA, Mexico, Cuba, etc. I enjoy myself but am always so happy to 'Come Home' to the land of Red & White. I will never forget my roots here like so many have that have moved to other countries. Canada is known for its vast number of different cultures which makes it unique to say the least. No matter where in the world you travel to, if you tell the foreigners you're Canadian, they welcome you with open arms. We are a nation known for our big hearts, compassion, and friendliness. I AM CANADIAN!"
Roxanne Rose, Medicine Hat, Alberta

"Last July I moved back to Canada with my family after 17 years in England. I enjoyed my time there but always knew I wanted to return home. Having lived back here now for almost a year it just reconfirms my decision. Canadians are wonderful, genuine people. We have a great standard of living and know how to enjoy it. We have four full seasons to enjoy the countryside and outdoor pursuits. We are truly blessed to have a country as wonderful as ours and to know I am truly Canadian….."
Wendy-Sue Morris, Stirling, Ontario

"This morning I said good-bye to a friend who is returning home to Arizona after visiting Canada for the first time. He was enthralled with the beauty of British Columbia, which he drove through on his way to Edmonton, and found Alberta to be extraordinary. We took him on a day trip to Jasper National Park, where he was awestruck by the splendour of the Canadian Rockies. We went to Fort Edmonton Park and took a step back in time for a few hours, and he was amazed by what he saw. I was so glad I had paid attention in Social Studies class way back when, so that I had the knowledge to pass on to him about this fabulous country of ours, and Alberta in particular. We spent hours discussing the differences in our countries - health care, schooling, and housing among other things - and I was thinking how proud I am to be Canadian. Now he has gone home with a better appreciation for us and our many and diverse cultures. I feel he is richer from experiencing Canada, even if it was only a small part."
Janet McCormick, Edmonton

"Nothing makes me feel more Canadian than supporting our troops here and abroad. I am a military wife and I support my husband and the thousands and thousands of troops across Canada and on overseas tours. I am proud to be a part of the military community. The men and women who sacrifice their time with their families to ensure that other Canadians enjoy their time with their family and loved ones makes me proud to call myself Canadian. Without those brave human beings freedom might not be something we could afford to take for granted in this country."
Lisa Vaters, Yellowknife

"Nothing gives me a more satisfying feeling of 'coming back home' than the experience of crossing the border from the U.S. into Canada. Canada and its people exude a warmth and friendliness that make one feel so welcome and safe. It's a feeling that many fellow immigrants and even native Canadians share whenever the topic arises. As an immigrant from India, I feel so honoured and blessed to be a Canadian now and proud to be part of a culture that is respected and loved world-wide."
Judy Castelino, Mississauga, Ontario

"Recently I dusted off an old autoharp and took it with me to the day care where I work. I gave each of the kindergarten-aged children the opportunity to choose their favourite song and let them strum the strings while everyone sang and I pressed the correct chords. Popular choices were 'Row, Row, Row your Boat' and 'Twinkle, Twinkle,' but it was little Emma who chose the song that got the most exuberant response. She wanted to sing 'O Canada.' Without any urging all of the children stood at attention and sang with such gusto that there was no question that they were proud to be Canadians. When it was the next child's turn to pick a song, she quickly piped up. 'I want to sing "O Canada" again.' And so we did."
Barbara Hicks, Abbotsford, B.C.

"My father was a Canadian Forces pilot so I grew up on airforce bases throughout Canada and then spent time as a musician in the Air Reserve when I was in my twenties. I got a chance to live in and visit many places from Victoria, BC, to Ellesmere Island. Then when I was married I moved temporarily to Nunavik and Nunavut with my husband and two young sons. All this travel has given me an appreciation for the vastness of Canada and the incredible diversity of cultures, climates and landscapes. But one thing that has always stayed consistent is that Canadians are friendly and caring from coast to coast to coast! (Can't forget our Inuit friends in Inukjuak on Hudson's Bay and Gjoa Haven on the Arctic Ocean!) I am grateful every day for being born Canadian and can understand why immigrants want to come here."
Cathy Graham, Vernon, Ontario

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