5 signs you've fallen out of love

Should you stay or should you go? One expert shares the five telltale signs that you're losing interest in your relationship.

By Kait Fowlie

Are you still in love with your partner?
Knowing whether a relationship has run its course can be difficult. Sometimes you know without a doubt that your feelings have waned, but other times the decision can be more complicated. If you think your current relationship might be coming to an end, but you're still a bit unsure, there are a few telling signs that you may be ready to move on.

When it comes to relationships, Toronto-based psychotherapist Kimberly Moffit has seen it all: the good, the bad and the ugly. She shares five common indicators that the flames of your relationship have fizzled.

1. Spending time together feels exhausting
In a long-term relationship it's normal to not get butterflies in your stomach every time you think of your partner. But when the activities you used to enjoy doing together start to feel like chores, it may be a sign that your interests are diverging.

"I find that couples drift apart when they're doing different activities in their lives. Not necessarily in a marriage, but in relationships, people's lives can take them in different directions," says Moffit. "I call that growing out of a relationship." Putting on a happy face once you've realized you're not interested can be exhausting, which often leads to fighting and further exhaustion.

"Some couples get exhausted with all the tension and fighting, and this can cause resentment," explains Moffit. "They realize they don't enjoy each other's company anymore, especially if every time they see each other there is fighting and drama."

2. You've developed a new all-consuming hobby
When you start filling every minute of your spare time with pursuits that don't involve your partner -- whether they're solitary or in the company of others -- it's a sign that you're isolating yourself from your relationship.

"Some people, especially women, turn to friends and family members, and try to engage in relationships in other areas of their lives," says Moffit. "A lot of women tend to throw themselves into their relationships with their kids, instead of their husbands. A lot of people can also get engrossed in addictions or habits, such as watching too many soap operas or buying too many shoes." Constantly finding ways to avoid being with your partner is a good indicator that you're ready to move on.

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