How to: Heat things up in the bedroom

Bored in bed? Expert Lou Paget teaches you how to spice up your sex life. 

How to spice up your sex life
Have things gotten a little hum-drum in the bedroom? Between long work hours and family obligations, many couples fall into bed exhausted at the end of the day. Which can also mean falling into a right rut. If things have gotten more McBoring and less McSteamy between the sheets, find out how to rev things up.

We checked in with Lou Paget, AASECT certified sex educator and bestselling author of The Great Lover Playbook (Gotham, 2005), to learn how to turn up the heat between the sheets. Typically, when do things start to cool down in the bedroom for a couple?
Lou Paget:
After about six months, when the realities of daily life, children and work eat up your time. When you're first together, your priority is usually the person you're with and you feel like you have to see them and make the time. Then you become more comfortable and you aren't as driven. The connection is often stronger as there isn't the same degree of uncertainty about feelings as there was in the beginning. Why does this happen?
Not enough time and being tired are the two biggest robbers of intimacy. Partners start down a slippery slope of taking their partner for granted. It's a bad idea. No one will take care of your relationship and if you aren't paying attention to it, someone or something else just might! How do you broach the subject with your partner, that you feel like things are becoming a little too hum-drum?
Let them know you want to try something new with them. There's no need to say, 'I'm bored'. Take a more 'glass half-full' approach by saying, "I'd like to try <fill in the blank>". Choose one new thing, not five. Add something new into what you may already be doing.

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