French kiss: The two Parisian-approved lipstick shades

French kiss: The two Parisian-approved lipstick shades

By: Julia McEwen

French beauty sits somewhere between effortless nonchalance and focused care, but at its core, it's about celebrating you as you are. When it comes to lip colour, there are two camps: Vive-la-revolution reds and Bardot come-hither nudes.

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Ask a beauty editor

I'm so confused when I see an eyeshadow palette that's full of different colours. Is there a correct way to apply so many shades?

Chances are you don’t need
a palette that has more than six or seven colours, so my advice is to skip the supersize versions. If you tend to use the same few shades, try the first three shadows in the palette together to create a casual smoky eye. Usually, those hues tend to be more neutral, whereas the last three will be more dramatic (great for evening!). 

Ask a beauty editor

How can I soften my crow’s-feet?

Botox is still the most effective way of slowing down the progression
of crow’s-feet, but the $300-plus injectable treatment is off the table for most of us. For a topical solution, you can try Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix ($88, The serum has a patent-pending polymer and a twice-concentrated infusion of two kinds of hyaluronic acid to protect (and plump) the eye area against natural micromovements, such as blinking—something we do more than 10,000 times a day. 

Ask a beauty editor

What’s the difference between dehydrated skin and just plain old dry skin?

Whether your priority is to treat dark spots and wrinkles or cleanse your skin, you should know which camp you fall into so you can choose the right formulations. Dry skin lacks oil, so introduce a facial oil into your routine; these products absorb quickly and support the skin’s lipid barrier. For skin that’s deprived of water due to dry air and cold temperatures, you’ll need to swap out your light moisturizer for something more substantial, like a cream or a balm.

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Ask a beauty editor

I’m looking for a full-coverage foundation that won’t dry out my already-parched skin. Any ideas?

A foundation that pays special attention to locking in moisture is what you require. Search for options with skin-care benefits, plus sunscreen, to keep your skin looking and feeling supple. Our pick is CoverGirl’s new Vitalist Elixir Foundation ($18,, a foundation with full coverage and a radiant finish that will seal in hydration while helping protect and perfect your visage.