7 secrets to growing out short hair

Is it time for a change? Perhaps growing out your short hair is key. These simple tips will make the journey to long hair a hop, skip and jump.

How to grow out hair
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Growing out your short hair doesn't have to be a chore. Despite the often-frustrating in-between period, it's still possible to consistently have a flattering, healthy hairstyle. If you are currently in between length, read up on our simple solutions for making the growing out process less of a pain.

Chad Taylor, a celebrity hair stylist and co-owner of Vancouver's Moods Hair Salon, offers seven tips on how to grow out your hair with ease. Choice accessories and regular trims are just two of the ways to guarantee a stress-free grow-out.

1. Don't neglect shape
Taylor advises against the idea of letting your hairstyle go in hopes of garnering length. "The biggest mistake you can make growing out a short haircut is to just let it grow," he says. "Your hair will become bulky and shapeless in all the wrong places. Your head is round, so as hair grows it takes on different shapes along the way."

To avoid an uneven, unflattering grow-out, Taylor suggests frequent trips to the stylist. That way, excess weight will be removed regularly to keep your hair looking current.

2. Get regular trims
Despite the myth that trimming hair will stunt its growth, Taylor maintains that regular trims will ensure a healthier outcome.

"It's very important to keep ends trimmed while growing your hair out so that they don't fray or split," he says. "By removing small amounts of hair regularly, your ends will not break or become thin at the bottom in the long term."

Taylor recommends visiting your hairstylist every six to eight weeks to keep your cut looking fresh. Since hair grows an average of half an inch per month, regular micro-trims will still allow your hair to grow at a decent pace.

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3. Accessorize
While hair accessories can ease the process of growing your hair out, Taylor advises against overdoing it with clips, pins and barrettes.

"Headbands are a good option as they are stylish and can keep the hair away from your face, but avoid over-bobby pinning and clipping your hair since that can look messy," he explains.

To create the illusion of length, professional hair extensions can also provide a flattering fix. "Clip-in extensions can work well as long as your top layers are long enough and not too blunt," Taylor tells us. "But if you are going to use extensions, have your hair stylist texturize the ends so that your layers will blend into the extensions."

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