6 sexy makeup tips

By: Laura Chapnick

Photo courtesy of Maybelline New York Author: Canadian Living Credits: Photo courtesy of Maybelline New York


6 sexy makeup tips

By: Laura Chapnick
Transition your beauty routine from simple to sensuous with the help of Grace Lee, Maybelline Canada's lead makeup artist. Using the right techniques can give you the confidence to step out of your comfort zone and try out a sexy new look.

1. Get a bronzed glow
To appear sun kissed, Lee suggests choosing a blush in a neutral colour, which will contour your cheekbones and help warm up your complexion. Add some extra radiance by using highlighter on the top half of your cheekbones.

2. Create a velvety pout
Instead of aiming for a high-gloss effect, try to render a matte, yet supple lip. Lee recommends using a product that is both a lipstick and a lip balm as the dual action will create an alluring texture.

3. Craft the perfect cat's-eye
Call attention to your most expressive feature – your eyes. To attain a precise cat's-eye it is best to use small strokes of eyeliner and then connect them together, explains Lee. Getting to know your eye shape is important as well. Lee proposes practising the flick at the outer corner of the eyes and keeping a cotton swab dipped in eye makeup remover at hand just in case.

4. Liven up your lashes
Create a dramatic look by experimenting with false eyelashes. If you're a beginner, Lee advises using half lashes, as they are the easiest to apply. For a foolproof application she recommends applying mascara to your natural eyelashes before securing the false lashes.

5. Boast a healthy flush
To mimic an invigorated appearance Lee relies on the power of cream blush. Where a powder blush can look cakey, a creamier product will leave you with perfectly rosy cheeks.

6. Try the new smoky eye
Rather than applying overtly sexy smoky eye makeup, try creating a sense of sensual depth. To modernize this classic look "try taupes, browns and softer greys," says Lee. Playing with makeup is a great – and often inexpensive – way to experiment with a sexier style. It can be fun to shake up your look once in a while, so why not take a risk? You might just like the results.

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6 sexy makeup tips