Bold eyebrows: Get your best brows yet

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Bold eyebrows: Get your best brows yet

Generous groomed eyebrows make a major statement this season. "My favourite eyebrow trend is the full, brushed-up brows at Pamela Roland and Naeem Khan," says Maribeth Madron, a New York City makeup and eyebrow artist with 20 years of experience under her (designer) belt.

When it comes to shaping brows, Madron advises against threading and waxing, which can remove more hair than intended. Strategy is key, so plucking one hair at a time is a safer bet, says Madron. "Eyebrows are design—they're an art!" Once a professional has shaped your arches (using tweezers), Madron suggests maintaining them at home. After you've groomed and filled your brows, pull out one or two stragglers every day. "It'll eliminate the risk of overdoing it."

She also warns against shaping brows to match the trends. "Always sculpt according to face shape and size of your features." If you're looking for drama, skip the tweezers and use makeup to add on-trend fullness.

Madron's exceptional ability to transform what appears to be a few sparse hairs into bold arches has been recognized by Vogue and Allure magazines, the latter naming her Best of Brows—seven times!

Need a little help with your brows? Madron talks us through shaping the fullest, most face-flattering arches:

Step 1: Using short, light strokes, fill in eyebrows with a wax-based pencil, focusing the most colour in sparse areas and the arches. If you have dark brows, choose a colour that's a shade lighter; if you have light brows, go one to two shades darker.

Step 2: Run a spoolie or clean mascara wand through the brows to soften and blend, and to remove any excess product.

Step 3: Using an angled brush and working in short strokes, blend in brow powder to add fullness and to set the wax in place.

Step 4: Seal the powder and secure hair in place with brow gel.

This article was originally titled "Brows That Wow" in the November 2014 issue.


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Bold eyebrows: Get your best brows yet