Five minutes with Julianne Moore

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Five minutes with Julianne Moore

With a film career spanning more than two decades, Julianne Moore is renowned for her captivating film roles, her red-carpet swagger and those legendary red locks. I caught up with the 54-year-old actor while she was in town for the Toronto International Film Festival. Not only was she promoting two films but she also stepped into her L’Oréal Paris beauty ambassador role to host a glitzy cocktail soirée. Wearing an enthralling white Alexander Wang dress, Moore was exactly what you’d hoped she’d be—and more.

Julia McEwen: When do you feel most attractive?

Julianne Moore: "When I’ve had a day where I feel like I’ve successfully completed all the tasks at hand, I think that’s when I feel most confident, attractive and accomplished. I tell my kids that, too. We can talk about physicality a lot—what you look like and stuff—but what never goes away is what you can do."

Julia McEwen: How do you teach your kids about healthy body image?

Julianne Moore: "We talk a lot about valuing what’s on the inside. I have a teenage son, too, so the same goes with him. They know that appearance is an illusion. They see the difference between what I look like in real life and what I look like on a magazine cover. When my son was three, we were in a bookstore in a mall, and he said, ‘Look, Mommy, Julianne Moore.’ "

Julia McEwen: How do you care for your skin?

Julianne Moore: "I wear sunscreen, sunglasses, hats—all of it! That’s the number-one thing. You have to stay out of direct sunlight whenever you can. It all adds up. I’m good about cleansing my skin and wearing eye cream. I also use L’Oréal Age Perfect Facial Oil, then I usually layer it with a moisturizer with sunscreen."

Julia McEwen: Has Tom Ford offered you any advice?

Julianne Moore: "Right before the Venice Film Festival, I had gained some weight, and I was panicked. Tom was making my dresses, so I emailed him, and I was, like, ‘Oh, my God, I don’t know what to do. I feel so fat.’ And he emailed back: ‘Stop eating.’ He really made me laugh, because I thought, Oh, really, that’s it, is it?"

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This story was originally titled "Five Minutes With Julianne Moore, Actor " in the January 2015 issue.
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Five minutes with Julianne Moore