Do you know which waistline is best for you?

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Do you know which waistline is best for you?

Waistlines have the power to transform our appearances. In essence, they're the deal breaker of any outfit, serving to either complement our physique and enhance our assets, or accentuate our flaws. But do you know what waistline suits you best? Read on to find out how to maximize your assets!

4 waistline categories
Waistlines fall into the following categories: raised (sits like a matador's above the waist), low rise (sits on the hips below the waist), classic (rests right on the waist) and empire (sits just below the bust). Philip Minaker, women's fashion consultant at The Bay on Queen Street in Toronto, recommends knowing your size and body proportions before choosing a waistline. "Go with waistlines that complement your shape and size rather than throw off your proportions," advises Minaker.

The pleat
"Pleated fronts draw the eye to a woman's middle, enhancing the hips and making the woman look larger than she actually is," says Minaker. If you have a small, flat frame, you'll fare just fine with pleated waists. But if, like most women, you have wide hips, you should stick with clean and simple waistbands with minimal details. And never use a waistband to hold in those extra pounds on your tummy or sides. "There are special undergarments for that," says Minaker. You'll just end up accentuating the area where the waistline cuts in.

Trendy and untucked
Another current fashion trend is to leave tops un-tucked, creating a less prominent waistline. "No matter what your body type, when you wear a loose, untucked top, you can get away with wearing any type of waistline," says Minaker. And remember: untucked doesn't mean untidy.

The lowdown on low-rise
Mature women often wonder: can I get away with low-rise waists? The answer, according to Minaker, is yes. "Lower waists, within reason (no bum showing), are great for women of all ages," says Minaker. "Not only are they really comfortable because they don't dig into your stomach when you're sitting, but they're especially great for top-heavy women and women with wide hips because they elongate the body, making you appear slimmer."

The empire waistline
Empire waistlines are a great way to camouflage extra pounds. "An empire waist, which hugs the body just below the breasts before flaring downward, makes you appear slimmer and taller because it plays with your natural proportions," advises Minaker.

3 tips when choosing a waistline:
1. Use a mirror or a second set of eyes to help you select the most flattering waistline.
2. Try the waistline with the tops you have to ensure that the waistline complements the tops.
3. Think comfort, function and versatility. You want to be able to build on wardrobes and maximize a waistline to suit various circumstances -- work, play or special occasions.

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Do you know which waistline is best for you?