Fall 2012 accessories trend report

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Fall 2012 accessories trend report

The right accessories can take an outfit from drab to fab. Just ask Robin Keeler, a fashion consultant for shopping centres across Canada.

"Accessories can make or break an outfit,” says Keeler. "They can pull all the components together, add a personal touch and they can become your signature. Depending on how they are coordinated, accessories create various effects. With practice, the right accessorizing can add endless possibilities to your wardrobe."
With just a few key accessories you can revitalize your look without spending a small fortune on new clothes. So what's hot for fall 2012? From jewelry and sunglasses to bags, hats, gloves and scarves, there's a lot to get excited about.
Fall 2012 accessories you'll love
When it comes to jewelry, Keeler says to look for chunky cocktail rings, cuff bracelets and collar necklaces.
"Necklaces with large stone inserts, glamour arm candy such as metal and coloured epoxy bangles worn piled up on the arms, and longer length necklaces worn [as a] single strand or layered" will be particularly on trend this season, she explains. 

Stunning sunglasses and beautiful bags
If you're searching for some new sunglasses, you should know that retro is in. Keeler cites round, 1970s-inspired shades as well as cat's-eye frames and aviator sunglasses as the hot looks for fall 2012.

Bags of all shapes and sizes will be stylish this season. For everyday use, Keeler suggests adding a cross-body bag, leather tote or satchel to your look. For eveningwear, she says to spice up the look with the addition of a bag embellished with jewels, rhinestones, embroidery, laser cut-outs, bows and lace.
The season's best hats, scarves and gloves
Love 'em or hate 'em, Canadian winters call for some serious gear. So turn your cold-weather accessories into a style statement. Tweed caps, floppy felt hats, fedoras and cloche hats are all chic options, says Keeler, and the wraparound "eternity" scarf is here for another season.

When it comes to keeping your fingers toasty warm, anything goes, though Keeler recommends upping your style factor with studded leather gloves in a vibrant colour. 
Fall 2012 accessories for your must-have list

Of course, we're not all going to rush out and buy an entirely new wardrobe but purchasing a few key pieces can give your look a lift this fall. What are the season's must-haves? Keeler suggests adding a collar necklace, a cage belt and an eternity scarf to your fashion repertoire for instant flair. 
Other fall trends include equestrian pieces like riding boots, pops of bright colour and coloured blocking on items like scarves, faux-fur embellishments and jeweled headbands.

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8 dos and don'ts for wearing fall 2012 accessories
Perfect your look with Keeler's top tips:
1. Do wear a Peter Pan –collar necklace over a crewneck top to take a simple neckline to the next level.
2. Don't pair long earrings with a necklace. Wear one or the other, otherwise your accessories will unflatteringly compete for attention.
3. If you wear statement earrings, do make them your accent piece. But feel free to add some funky bangles, too!
4. Don't wear a floppy hat with any other large statement pieces. The hat is your eye catcher! 
5. Do express your personal style with bold accessories such as an oversize belt, statement shoes (platform styles are most comfortable) or interesting jewelry. Try to limit it to one bold piece so your look is not over the top.  
6. Don't wear anything too complicated. When experimenting with trends remember that less is more.
7. Do buy timeless accent pieces so you get more mileage out of your wardrobe. A crocodile-stamped leather envelope clutch is a great statement piece that's versatile and can be carried year-round. 
8. Do experiment with your accessories to try different looks and cultivate a style that's chic and unique to you.
Whatever accessories you opt to wear this season, remember that it's all about personal style. Regardless of what's in, a lack of confidence is definitely out, says Keeler. So choose a few signature pieces that you love and wear them paired with poise and your own pretty smile!
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Fall 2012 accessories trend report