Barbecue basics: Essential tools for your barbecue

Barbecue basics: Essential tools for your barbecue

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Barbecue basics: Essential tools for your barbecue

1. Tongs
Spring-loaded scallop-edged tongs make it easy to pick up anything on the grill. Look for at least 12-inch (30 cm) long ones, preferably with heatproof slip-resistant silicone handles.

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2. Spatula
Metal spatulas are good for foods that are prone to sticking, such as burgers and fish. Use two to get under a large piece of meat or fish or to turn it by putting one under and one on top.

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3. Grill brush
Clean grill before and after cooking with wire-bristle brush.

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4. Basting brush
A natural bristle brush is easy to clean. Silicone brushes work well with thick sauces but tend to splatter with thin sauces.

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5. Skewers
Flat metal skewers are best, because food fits on securely and doesn't roll when turning. Wooden bamboo skewers have to be soaked in water for 30 minutes before grilling so they don't char. Use two of them for heavier foods or to prevent rolling.

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Page 1 of 2See next page for more tools and our favourite lip-smacking barbecue recipes!  6. Grill topper and wok
Flat perforated metal baskets hold small pieces of food, letting smoke and heat come in direct contact with the food without falling through the grill. Also available are grill toppers shaped like woks that let you stir-fry easily.

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7. Digital instant-read thermometer

This most accurate instant-read thermometer is invaluable in testing for doneness, particularly with ground meats.

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8. Heavy-duty foil
Wider and heavier than regular foil, this is sturdy enough to make packets when double thickness is used. Don't forget to recycle your foil when finished!

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Barbecue basics: Essential tools for your barbecue