Baking & Desserts's 15 most popular chocolate recipes's 15 most popular chocolate recipes

Glazed Chocolate Marble Cake 
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Baking & Desserts's 15 most popular chocolate recipes

Find decadent chocolate recipes for real chocoholics: chocolate cookies, brownies, cakes and desserts, all Tested Till Perfect by our Test Kitchen. 

From simple cookies to sumptuous desserts, discover the Canadian Living chocolate recipes readers like you love the most.

Top cookies

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
Classic cookies are always a summer weekend favourite and easy for even a non-baking guest to make.

Bake When You're Craving Chocolate Toffee Cookies
It's easy to serve fresh-baked cookies on a moment's notice when logs of the make-ahead dough are on hand.

Dark and Dangerous Triple Chocolate Cookies
These dark, delicious, intensely choco-laty cookies are just the thing when you want a chocolate fix. Team them up with your beverage of choice: milk, tea, chai or cappuccino.

Sparkly Chocolate Blossoms
These bite-size cookies melt in your mouth. It may require a bit of practice to master the piping technique, but never fear: The dough is so easy to handle that you can scoop it back into the piping bag to try again.    

Ganache-Filled Chocolates
Use the best quality chocolate you can find for these indulgent treats, and your favourite liqueur for the ganache centres.

Chocolate Orange Bundt Cake
Use the best quality chocolate you can find for these indulgent treats, and your favourite liqueur for the ganache centres. 

Cocoa Orange Truffles
These cocoa-dusted truffles hold a velvety orange-scented chocolate ganache. For a kid-friendly version, substitute orange juice for the liqueur.

Top brownies

Double Espresso Brownie Bars
Give your favourite java head a double shot of espresso: a brownie made with espresso and topped with a chocolate-covered espresso bean.

Chocolate Fudge Brownies
Brownies are hard to resist when they're dark, dense and packed with chocolate chips. They also make great party food and are an excellent offering for a bake sale. Try the master recipe, then discover how toasted nuts, toffee bits and dried fruit such as cherries give brownies a whole new meaning.

Brownie Truffle Bars
The extra chocolate layer on top makes these brownies a true treat.

Top cakes

Chocolate Layer Cake
This decadent recipe includes helpful how-to video!

Chocolate Banana Cake
A great birthday cake, includes step-by-step images.

Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Icing
Hand-held desserts make any occasion exciting.

Top desserts

Dark and White Chocolate Igloos
Bittersweet and white chocolate pair in a very rich frozen two-layer mousse created by chef Michael Mandato. In his pastry kitchen, there is a good supply of rounded silicone moulds necessary for the igloo shape. But layering the rich dessert in ramekins is just fine, especially if, instead of turning out the dessert igloo-style, you simply garnish each with a dollop of whipped cream and chocolate shards.

Chocolate Silk Tartlet Trio
Three tiny tartlets – each just a mouthful – showcase ultrasmooth, ultrarich whipped chocolate ganache, known as "silk." You'll need to use premium chocolate and have the cream at room temperature. Each flavour makes 8 tartlets – perfect for a serving of 3 each.

Chocolate on Chocolate Trifle
If there were an award for over-the-top desserts, this triple-chocolate treat would take the cake. It's pure heaven on a spoon, with layers of white and dark chocolate custard, fudgy brownies and totally decadent chopped-up chocolate bars.

Strawberries in Chocolate Pavlova
Crisp on the outside yet soft, chewy and marshmallowy on the inside, this chocolate meringue bowl makes a pretty container for the strawberries.

Chocolate Raspberry Pistachio Baked Alaska
Pistachio-studded ice cream, a sorbet core and a dense dark chocolate cake base all smothered with meringue make a show-stopper dessert. And it goes from freezer to oven to table for a truly no-fuss finale.

Chocolate Hazelnut Baklava
This twist on the honey-nut pastry version has the added appeal of milk chocolate in the filling. An offset spatula makes removal from the pan flawless.



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Baking & Desserts's 15 most popular chocolate recipes