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Holiday cookie quiz: What kind of cookies should you make?

Holiday cookie quiz: What kind of cookies should you make?

Sparkly Snowflake Cookies
Photography by Edward Pond
Image by: Sparkly Snowflake Cookies <br /> Photography by Edward Pond Author: Canadian Living

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Holiday cookie quiz: What kind of cookies should you make?

Stuck on what holiday cookeis to make this year? Our holiday cookie quiz will help you find out which cookie, bar or square, or candy best suits your personality. Happy baking!

Your idea of a great holiday party involves...
A) Friends and family coming together around the Christmas tree
B) Making a snowman with a team of neighbours
C) A five-course tasting menu at one of the hottest restaurants in town
D) A chalet party in a resort town
E) A chocolate fountain and festive desserts
F) Too many parties, too little time
G) Great cocktails and conversation

Your favourite way to spend a snowy day is...
Bundling up and going tree shopping
B) Skiing at the local mountain
C) Making maple candy using fresh snow
D) Appreciating the snow from the comfort of the indoors
E) Drinking hot chocolate at an outdoor skating rink
F) Making snow angels, shovelling and running errands, all after a strong cup of coffee
G) Admiring the snowflakes from inside a bar with a great view

Your holiday attire mostly consists of...
Not-so-ugly Christmas sweaters
B) A top-of-the-line ski jacket
C) A cute holiday apron
D) Velvet and brocade – any kind of luxurious material
E) Cozy sweaters
F) Utilitarian layers for days spent running around
G) Jewel tones and party dresses

Your approach to holiday decor includes...
A big tree and stockings hung on the mantel
B) Plenty of outdoor lights and decorations
C) An elaborate gingerbread house
D) A professional decorator
E) Advent calendars and traditional decor
F) Festive but minimal and no-fuss
G) A colour scheme that changes yearly

Your ideal gift to receive is...
Something handmade
B) Skis
C) A kitchen gadget
D) Jewellery
E) Imported chocolate
F) A French press
G) A bottle of Champagne

Your ideal gift to give is...
Anything thoughtful and personal
B) A season's pass to the local ski hill
C) A gift certificate to a new restaurant
D) A cashmere scarf
E) A box of locally sourced chocolates
F) A year’s supply of premium coffee
G) A set of martini glasses

Your favourite holiday beverage is...
B) Spiced rum
C) An orange-infused cocktail with cloves
D) A mimosa
E) Peppermint hot chocolate
F) An eggnog latte
G) Holiday sangria

Your dream holiday getaway is....
I prefer to be home for the holidays
B) The Rockies
C) A gastronomic tour anywhere in the world
D) At a vineyard, savouring ice wine
E) Belgium or Switzerland
F) South America
G) Cancún

Your favourite holiday foods are...
A full turkey dinner
B) Spiced nuts
C) Cornish hen
D) A decadent meal cooked by a chef
E) Yule log cake
F) A turkey sandwich
G) Potato pancakes after a big night out

Your approach to holiday shopping involves...
Making a list and checking it twice
B) Giving experiences rather than things
C) Lots of cooking for friends
D) A personal shopper
E) Delicious treats
F) Picking up gift cards at your favourite coffee shop
G) Shopping on Christmas Eve

Mostly As:
You're a traditionalist and love to get into the holiday spirit! Try the Best-Ever Chocolate Chips Cookies at your next party.

Mostly Bs: You're a snow bunny and love the outdoors! Pay tribute to the winter weather by making Sparkly Snowflake Cookies.

Mostly Cs: You're a foodie! Blow your guests away by making Lemon-Scented Rosemary Walnut Shortbread for your next holiday gathering.

Mostly Ds: You love decadence! Try the Salted Caramel Shortbread Thumbprints with a glass of Champagne.

Mostly Es: You're a chocolate lover! Indulge with Double Chocolate Truffle Bars.

Mostly Fs: You're a coffee lover! Try Mocha Toffee Biscotti with a cup of coffee before facing the holiday crowds.

Mostly Gs: You love to socialize and enjoy making the most out of the holiday party circuit! Bring Bourbon Balls to your next soirée for a tasty hostess gift.

Looking for more cookie ideas? Check out The Great Canadian Cookie Exchange for over 80 recipes for holiday baked goods, cute DIY packaging ideas and how-to video tips from The Test Kitchen.


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Baking & Desserts

Holiday cookie quiz: What kind of cookies should you make?