10 thirst quenchers

10 thirst quenchers



10 thirst quenchers

It's a scorching summer day and your tongue feels like sandpaper, sticking to the roof of your mouth. You're thirsty and you want to guzzle a tasty, refreshing drink.

Armed with newfound knowledge after reading 5 Things to Know About Dehydration, an article featured in the July 2005 issue of Canadian Living magazine, I used our online recipe search tool to find the best thirst-quenching beverages. I declined drinks with diuretics such as caffeine and alcohol, and nixed milky mixes that can slow the rate at which your body absorbs fluid (sugar also has this effect so avoid sweetening these drinks with additional sugar).

When you've had your fill of water, try these delicious drinks to help you beat the heat.

1. Tropical Smoothie

2. Watermelon Slush

3. Rhubarb Nectar

4. Strawberry Lemon Crush

5. Raspberry Snow Cones

6. Frothy Raspberry Juice

7. Honey Orange Quencher

8. Lemonade

9. Lemon Orangeade

10. Bridal Fruit Punch

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10 thirst quenchers