Canadian Living vegan recipes

Canadian Living vegan recipes



Canadian Living vegan recipes

Taste for yourself – our vegan recipes are far from bland or boring. Be good to your body and the environment with one of these fabulous vegan meals.

Vegan Bean Soup
Deliciously hearty and full of healthy vegetables, this soup makes a great appetizer at any dinner event.

Roasted Carrot and Shallot Soup
Soup exchanger Barb Darling of London serves this caramel-colour soup, speckled with roasted vegetables, throughout the fall and winter.

Hearty Squash and Lima Bean Soup

Drizzle each bowl of soup with lemon juice to add fresh flavour. Serve with your favourite hearty loaf for dipping.

Edamame Vegetable Soup
Pairing flavourful soybeans with healthy vegetables, this delicious soup yields 18 grams of protein per serving.

Chipotle Salsa
Smoky and with a zing of heat, this big-batch salsa brightens up any kind of dish all year round.

Bulgar-Stuffed Acorn Squash
Seasonings of lemon, cumin and parsley make this a bright vegetarian main course for two. It doubles easily.

Tofu and Broccoli in Peanut Sauce
This vegan dish is packed with protein from the tofu and peanut butter. Serve over rice or your favourite noodles, preferably whole grain.

Black Bean and Mushroom Patties
These vegan patties are tasty with a salad or on a bun with sliced tomatoes and lettuce. Saute the mushroom mixture in the sun-dried tomato oil if desired.

Baked Beans with Apples
This no-added-fat quick vegan recipe uses a bit of molasses and the natural sweetness of apples to weigh in at about half the fat and calories of traditional baked beans.

Grilled Black Bean Tofu Kabobs
This intensely flavoured marinade adds sizzle to tofu. Serve these vegan kabobs over hot rice, noodles or spinach.

Spaghetti and Tofu Balls
This dish is easily made vegan by simply switching the Parmesan cheese for nutritional yeast flakes at the end, and making sure the bread crumbs contain no animal products.

Japanese Vegetarian Buckwheat Noodles
This simple dish marries the earthy flavour of buckwheat noodles (soba) with the forest (shiitake mushrooms) and the sea (nori seaweed).

Dairy-Free Cinnamon Walnut Mandelbrot
Canola oil gives these biscotti-like cookies a crispness, which makes them perfect for dipping in coffee or hot chocolate. Vegans can make a slightly crunchier version with egg replacer, a nonanimal product available at health food stores.

Basmati Rice with Carrots, Raisins and Spices (Kabli)
This dish is traditionally made with lamb, but because many AWCG customers at catering events are vegetarian, it has been successfully adapted and is now a particular favourite.

Vegetable Pilaf
Chock-full of bright veggies, this colourful rice dish is a great choice for those looking to add some zest to their dinner plates.

Grilled Vegetable Couscous Salad
This colourful salad makes a great summer side dish or vegetarian main course.

Fragrant Chickpeas with Dates
As part of a buffet at Eid-ul-Fitr, this dish is also made with other dried fruits, such as apricots, raisins and figs.

Layered Guacamole
Chunks of green avocado topped with diced red tomato give this guacamole a festive look. Surround it with Baked Tortilla Chips to scoop up every last bit.

Black Bean Chili with Corn
Spiced perfectly with cayenne pepper, this chili is great as both a dip and to eat on its own.

Wine-Poached Baby Apples with Cipollini
Little Pink Lady apples have beautiful pink and yellow colours. You can use 24 crabapples instead of the novel baby apples.

Lentil Hummus

Drizzle this golden smooth dip with a little extra-virgin olive oil if desired. Serve with celery and carrot sticks and toasted pita wedges. Tahini, a paste made of sesame seeds, is available in most supermarkets.

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Vinaigrette Cabbage Salad
This "keeper coleslaw" will last for up to seven days in the refrigerator. We've called for green cabbage, but red and Napa cabbage work just as well.

Middle Eastern Spiced Carrots and Parsnips

Paprika and cumin tame the sweetness of carrots and parsnips in this delectably creative dish.

Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Tagine

Serve this fragrant vegetable stew over whole wheat couscous for some extra texture.

Quick Focaccia Bread

Oven-fresh bread is good enough on its own, but when it's laced with olives and topped with crispy onions, it's fabulous.

Stuffed Vine Leaves

A bit fiddly to make, these dolmades are such a reward to serve and eat. Their summery cinnamon, mint and lemon flavours make you forget all the rolling and tucking.

Black Bean, Chickpea and Avocado Salad
Take your palate on a wild ride with this salad that's full of different textures and tastes.

Juicy Portobello and White Bean Hummus Pitas
This pita makes a fantastic vegan lunch to go, or would make a great after-school snack for kids too.

Roasted Jerk Tofu
When serving guests who follow various diets, sauces such as jerk (available at supermarkets) work well with meat and vegetarian options, such as chicken and tofu. Tofu sponges up this spicy paste and tastes best when marinated overnight. Serve with steamed rice and sautéed cabbage.

Tempeh Vegetable Maki Rolls
Serve these rice-free appetizers with sushi soy sauce or sodium-reduced soy sauce for dipping.

Vegetable Curry
Serve this delicious curry with Basmati Rice to really taste the different spices in this yummy recipe.

Kelp with Szechuan Peppercorns
Szechuan, or Sichuan, peppercorns are the dried reddish brown berries of prickly ash and are used extensively in Chinese cooking. They are sold mainly at Chinese grocers and herbalists.

Miso-Glazed Tofu Vegetable Brochettes
Miso-glazed tofu browns nicely on the grill and comes out with great flavour and texture. Paired with Japanese eggplant and sweet potato, these veggie kabobs are packed with flavour.

Mixed Pepper Rajas
Rajas, which means "slice" in Spanish, is a traditional Mexican mixture of sauteed peppers and onions.

Golden Beet and Granny Smith Apple Salad with Panache
Panache is an ultra-chic restaurant in the Auberge Saint-Antoine, a boutique hotel created in a 19th-century warehouse. Credit for this inspired salad goes to M. Leblond, who grows golden beets for Panache.

Biryani-Inspired Vegetable Rice

Watch how easy this Biryani is to make - Canadian Living food specialist Alison Kent prepares this fragrant dish in our Test Kitchen video: Biryani-Inspired Vegetable Rice.

Tomato Spinach Chickpea Simmer
Serve this yummy dish with brown rice to balance out the bold flavours.

Braised Tofu Napa Nabe
This recipe is definitely ideal if you're looking for a light meal that's full of unique tastes.

Golden Conserve

This chunky mix of oranges, lemon, apricots and plums bursts with flavour. Serve at breakfast for toast, or experiment by adding it to Asian-inspired dishes for a citrus hit.

Fresh Blueberry Melon Compote
Make this colourful fruit salad up to a day ahead for a refreshing dessert. It's also very quick to toss together just before serving.

Veganism 101
Why go vegan? Read about why people are making the switch and how to keep it healthy.

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Canadian Living vegan recipes