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Back to school: The fastest school lunches

Back to school: The fastest school lunches

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Food Tips

Back to school: The fastest school lunches

We took to social media to ask our readers: What is your fastest or best school lunch to make?

Packing healthy lunches that kids actually eat can be a challenge. That’s why we asked our readers to share their go-to lunch ideas for back to school. He’re some of our favourite responses. We hope you’re inspired to whip up delicious lunches.

"My kids love veggie brown rice sushi. Soups, chicken pot pie, chili. Always hot meals. Sandwiches are my back up." - Susan Smith

"Our son loves Caesar salad with chicken dressing on the side, or I put pepperoni, cheese and grapes on skewers for him. He is not a sandwich eater. Always fruit of some sort . . . fall is apple time!" - Carol Knell

"I do a curried chicken salad with grapes" - Debi Christian

"My mum and dad used to make us mini pizzas on halved English muffins. They were always tasty cold!" - Adrienne Pearson

"Italian sub sandwiches with three meats (salami, pepperoni, and ham), provolone cheese, lettuce on a buttered bun with a side of Italian dressing (or mayo) to put on right before eating!"  - Dan N Jodi Lamirande

"I have a microwave in my classroom for me and my students to use, so leftovers is my first pick. I also love a bagel and cream cheese with a sliced tomato added last minute. Even the lowly sandwich is pretty good too, if you switch it up on a regular basis." - Pamela Mason

"I love to make calzones the day after I make pizza. The kids love them, so I know they will get eaten. Lol." - Lorel Herrington

"Quesadillas: Lay-out round tortilla, spread sour cream or cream cheese on one half, spoon salsa over top, sprinkle grated cheese. Next add chunks of chicken, more grated cheese and fold the top over. Heat up on pancake grill one-to-two minutes, flip over to other side for another one-to-two minutes." - Lori Williams

"I always need lunch ideas for school work or home. My daughter is very picky and we reuse a lot of the same ideas: chicken Caesar or ham and cheese or turkey wrapspasta (fettuccini, macaroni, ravioli); pizza; pancakes or waffles. Sometimes we make a "daddy plate," which is just cut grilled chicken with some fresh veggies, fruit, cheese (hubby's go-to for feeding a toddler, still a favourite at 12). - Lana Dawn

"Tuna salad sandwiches, paired with a salad." - Heather Rose Russell

"Beyond sandwiches, I send veggies, hummus and mini pitas. Send fruit, a yogurt, homemade apple spice muffins, Thermos of water and done. Our whole family of five takes a lunch and we all were sick of sandwiches." - Sabrina Harnish

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Food Tips

Back to school: The fastest school lunches