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The Great Ketchup Debate: Refrigerator or pantry?

Do you keep ketchup in the fridge or pantry?

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The Great Ketchup Debate: Refrigerator or pantry?

Who knew that a mild condiment could be the source of such heated debate? Twitter erupts in a virtual food fight over the correct way to store ketchup.

The correct storage of ketchup recently took over the Internet, so we thought we should have a say. Here at the Canadian Living Test Kitchen, we've got three refrigerators full of every condiment known to humankind—including several open bottles of ketchup. It never occurred to us to store it any other way! Truth be told, our preference is still to enjoy it at room temperature, so the fact that so many people have been storing their open bottles in the cupboard was intriguing.

Turns out there are some very strong opinions out there on the best way to store this pantry staple. We've rounded up some of the best from both sides below.

Our own opinions on ketchup storage were echoed (albeit in a very, very extreme way) by @lukelton:

But @thepezman brought up a very good point as well, since restaurants often do leave their ketchup bottles sitting out all day:

And @AkaYodz went straight to the source, snapping a screen-cap from the Heinz website itself! Have we been getting it wrong all along?!

Thankfully, @trove_slayyvan reminded us that the labels contradict the website by urging (in all-caps, no less) that we refrigerate after opening.

At this point, even key NFL players felt the need to weigh in on this pressing matter:

To say nothing of this random dad, representing the inner conflict in all of us:

See the rest of the Twitter debate in full.

And you, dear readers? Are you #TeamFridge or #TeamCupboard?




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Food Tips

The Great Ketchup Debate: Refrigerator or pantry?