Netflix and no chill: The Netflix-based workouts you never knew you needed

Netflix and no chill: The Netflix-based workouts you never knew you needed



Netflix and no chill: The Netflix-based workouts you never knew you needed

Forget fitness challenges. Sneak in a workout while you binge-watch the latest Netflix series. 

No, Netflix doesn't have any workouts that you can follow—until now, that is. We created these Canadian Living-exclusive Netflix workouts. 

Think of it as a drinking game. While watching a Netflix show or movie, pay attention to certain cues. And instead of taking a shot of liquor, you do an exercise, as listed below.

"This is one way to keep your workouts interesting," says Hamilton, Ontario-based personal trainer and kinesiologist Paula Sinclair about this entertainment-based fitness program. "You just never know what you're going to get. And instead of dreading your workout, this makes sitting on the couch more enticing. For each exercise do 10 reps, 20 reps in total if you're working one side (eg. lunges, mountain climbers). For hold exercises do 30 to 60 seconds, depending on your fitness level.

What you need: A Netflix account, a device to watch it on and enough space on the floor to lie down. 

What to watch: Whatever you feel like under one of these five categories.

And of course, we advise you speak to your doctor before trying any of the movements outlined below.

Coming of Age HIIT

Because you watched: The Kissing Booth, To All the Boys I've Loved Before, 13 Reasons Why: Season 2, On My Block

  • Someone wears pink – Jogging on the spot
  • Teen looking into a mirror – High knees (running on the spot with knees in front)
  • High school cliques – Walkouts (Bend over, walk your hands out into a plank, return to start)
  • The crush is revealed! – Hopscotch
  • Plans a scheme – Hip twists (squat position, jump so legs turn side to side, twist at the core)
  • Party scene/makeover reveal – Scissors (imagine a horizontal line, one foot in front one behind, jump switching feet positions with scissor legs)
  • Fake social media loosely based on Instagram – Rainbow squats (wide feet position, lunge from one side to the other, so that your butt has an arc movement going from side to side)
  • A kiss! Finally! – Up, up, down, down (in a plank, go from straight arms to elbows and back up again)
  • Popular kid gets embarrassed – Push-ups


Just Do It Docudrama 

Because you watched: Making a Murderer: Part 2, India's Daughter, Gaga Five Foot Two, Hot Girls Wanted 

  • Childhood photos/home video –  Butt kickers (running on the spot, with knees pointed down)
  • Newspaper headline – Jogging on the spot
  • Female lawyer wearing power suit – Jumping jacks
  • An obscure expert is introduced – Mountain climbers
  • Unexpected suspect/enemy – Crossovers (imagine a vertical line, both feet on one side, and outside leg jumps over inside leg to the other side of the line, repeat both sides)
  • Hidden evidence exposed – Over and backs (imagine a horizontal line, step right foot over it then left, then right back and left back, repeat quickly)
  • You feel like you relate to the 'hero" – Push-ups (modify to knees or do on wall if you need to)
  • A relationship breaks down – Hip lifts (shoulders on the floor, knees bent and feet under hips, lift the hips up and lower back down)
  • Fallen hero is finally accepted by others – Squat jumps


Retro Fit

Because you watched: Friends, Gilmore Girls, Party of Five, Degrassi Next Class

  • You see a landline phone – Walkouts
  • Someone is wearing overalls or boot cut jeans – Walking lunges
  • Female character name ends in e, i or y – Jumping jacks
  • Celebrity guest star  – Hip twists
  • A character makes a sexist remark – Hopscotch
  • "Not!!!!" – Shuttle run
  • Someone makes a call from a cellphone – Hip lifts
  • "Get a room!" – Plank
  • Montage scene – Dips (Sitting on the floor or on a chair, legs out in front, raise and lower your butt using your arms)


Team Scream 

Because you watched: Riverdale, The Haunting of Hill House, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Stranger Things

  • Hint of an unsettled mom – Side shuffle
  • Body discovered – Zombie walks (arms straight out, knees don't bend, aim to bring your toes up to your hands)
  • Good girl has unexpected side – Skipping without a rope (keep your arms moving!)
  • False scare – Mountain climbers
  • Conspiracy introduced – Five dots (imagine a square – for dots – with a dot in the centre, jump feet apart, jump forward feet together, jump forward feet apart, so that feet touch all the dots, then repeat moving backward)
  • The group breaks apart – Side shuffle
  • Lights won't turn on! – Rainbow squats
  • Feminism speech (eg. What are you waiting for?!") – Supermans (on your belly, raise your legs and arms, contracting the muscles in your back)
  • Teaser – it's not over yet! – Up, up, down, down


Sports-Specific Training

Because you watched: Last Chance U: INDY, Blue Mountain State, GLOW, I Tonya

  • Cheerleader uniforms – Jumping Jacks
  • Training montage – Skipping 
  • Older, out of shape former athlete – Walking lunges
  • Lost competition – Crossovers
  • Coach has given up – Five dots
  • Pep talk – Mountain climbers 
  • Super hero reference – Spider-Mans (like mountain climbers, but bring your knee to the outside of your elbow, add a push-up if you can)
  • Literal or figurative sucker punch – Squat jumps
  • The big game/competition – Dips



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Netflix and no chill: The Netflix-based workouts you never knew you needed