Tone your butt and thighs

Tone your butt and thighs

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Tone your butt and thighs

Not happy with what you see below your waistline? Tone up those problem areas with this simple exercise.

Free standing narrow squat

Equipment: Rubber ball or towel big enough to ensure that knees are hip-distance apart.

1. Stand with hands on hips, toes forward and feet hip-distance apart. Squeeze ball between your thighs without losing proper knee alignment. With abdominals pulled in, chest lifted and buttocks squeezed tightly, lean slightly forward at the hips. Bend your knees and sit back into a squat until your thighs are almost parallel to the ground; keep knees aligned directly over the centre of your feet and do not let them collapse inward as you squat.

The most important part of this exercise is not how long you hold the squat, but how you get there and back to the start position.

2. Exhale as you squeeze the ball and lower into the squat; pause and breathe in, then exhale as you squeeze the ball and rise back to start position.

Squeeze your buttocks as tightly as you can throughout the exercise. Once you master the technique, lift both of your arms out in front of your body and eventually up and over your head. Maintain a long, strong spine as you lift and lower your arms.

Repetitions and sets:
Do eight to 15 repetitions.

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Tone your butt and thighs