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All about premonitory dreams

All About Premonitory Dreams

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All about premonitory dreams

Sometimes abstract, sometimes obscure, dreams have fascinated people since the world began. Author, speaker, teacher and dream consultant, Nicole Gratton offers her interpretation of premonitory dreams.

According to her, the majority of dreams validate the personal mission of each human being on earth. The projections that occur in dreams serve to take stock of the decisions that are made daily. Are you on the right path or not?

However, she believes that premonitory dreams are just as natural, to the point that everyone would be inclined to have them. While not all dreamers are able to identify them, some aspects do not lie. 


What is a premonitory dream? 

A precognitive dream differs from a regular dream in the clarity of the images and memories associated with it. Another way to identify a premonitory dream is by the sense of "déjà vu" that occurs during life.

The dream consultant believes that, at night, your consciousness projects itself out of the linear time of day. Since there is no longer a timeline, it is possible to revisit a place or situation from the past to understand the cause of what you are experiencing in the present moment. 

But it is also possible to project yourself into the future. First, there are definite dreams, which do not exist outside of your destiny. No matter what you do, what will happen will happen. 

Then there are the prophecies of the dream, which tell you how a situation will turn out if you do not change your thoughts or behavior. This last case allows you to change the course of things.

Unfortunately, it is possible to determine whether it is your destiny or a prophecy, as long as the event does not take place. Nicole Gratton relies on her intuition to make a deduction.




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All about premonitory dreams