Campground chow

Campground chow

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Campground chow

There's nothing like a wonderful outdoor meal to savour delicious flavours while enjoying fantastic summertime weather.

From picnics to camping trips or weekends at the cottage, here are a number of menus featuring dozens of recipes to help make your nature trip unforgettable.

Campground cooking
It won't feel like roughing it when you try one of our delicious camp-food recipes.

The very best burgers
Fire up the barbecue and celebrate the return of the warm weather with our flavourful twists on this summer staple.

Camping cuisine
Prepare tasty meals to make you a happy camper.

Wrap and roast
The Canadian Living Test Kitchen's collection of 14 great over-the-coals wrap-and-roast appetizers and stick cuisine ideas.

Fresh-air fare
A chef's guide to great grub for happy trails

Inspired picnic sandwiches
Fill your picnic basket with a variety of our sumptuous sandwiches.

The perfect picnic
The original moveable feast, a picnic captures the culinary essence of summer: cool, informal and alfresco.

Cottage weekend cuisine
Allow us to plan your weekend menus from Friday night supper to Sunday brunch.

Make It Tonight: Great grilling
Grill some summertime favourites, such as Dill Grilled Trout and Maple-Glazed Pork Chops.

Miscellaneous recipe:

Campfire Crumble


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Campground chow