Healthy weight loss guide: Diet, nutrition and exercise tips

Healthy weight loss guide: Diet, nutrition and exercise tips

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Healthy weight loss guide: Diet, nutrition and exercise tips

When it comes to achieving long-term weight loss, the only real solution is a healthy approach. Gradual weight loss through healthy lifestyle changes will produce long-lasting results not only in terms of pounds lost – you'll also feel better. Read on for our healthy weight loss guide, with articles covering weight loss and dieting tips, nutritional strategies, exercise ideas and even some healthy recipes to get you started.

Healthy weight loss tips
5 sneaky things that make you gain weight
Can’t seem to lose those last few pounds? Or are you gaining weight as the years go on? Read on to discover the sneaky ways you might be gaining weight without knowing it, plus tips for curbing bad habits.

6 ways to keep the weight off
Whether you want to stay the same weight you've always been, or to keep off weight you've lost, try these tips.

Practical weight-loss strategies
10 practical strategies for healthy weight loss.

5 weight-loss mistakes
Beware of common hazards that keep you from achieving your weight-loss goals.

Nutritional strategies for healthy weight loss
Eat bread, lose weight?
From white bread to seven grain, whole grain, whole wheat, rye, sprouted and omega-3 enriched, find out what type of bread is best for you and your body and how eating the right kind of bread can even help with your weight-loss goals.

5 kitchen tools that will help you lose weight
Use these cuisine essentials to keep you on the path to eating right and staying slim.

Top 5 ways to boost your metabolism naturally
How making small changes to your lifestyle can help you boost your metabolism and lose weight.

10 ways to keep your portions under control
Help meet your weight-loss or maintenance goals by controlling portion sizes. Here's how.

Fitness strategies for healthy weight loss
Yoga and middle-age weight control
Yoga may help prevent weight gain in middle age.

Quiz: What's the best exercise program for you?
While it's important that an activity suit you physically, the mental match is equally, if not more, essential. Take this quiz to find out what sports are best for you.

8 ways to blast belly fat: Exercise and diet tips for a slimmer stomach
Discover how to whittle your waistline and shrink ab fat cells, from reducing trans fats to lowering your stress levels.

6 ways to maximize your exercise
Maintain motivation and keep your fitness program strong with these simple suggestions.

Burn calories faster
Techniques to help you exercise efficiently and effectively.

Recipes for healthy weight loss
Three-Bean Lentil Soup
Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup
Edamame Vegetable Soup
Peanutty Chicken Pitas
Caribbean Snapper with Pepper Sauce
Rice Noodles with Broccoli

Check out our Advanced Recipe Search to find more healthy meal ideas.


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Healthy weight loss guide: Diet, nutrition and exercise tips