Casper, Douglas or Endy—which mattress is right for you?

Casper, Douglas or Endy—which mattress is right for you?

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Casper, Douglas or Endy—which mattress is right for you?

We tried three mattress companies to test the latest sleep craze, mattress-in-a-box. Read our reviews of Douglas, Casper and Endy to find out which is right for you.

Sleep is important. Which is something that all of us know at this point. Getting a solid deep sleep, for an adequate amount of time (seven to eight hours according to current thought) is the key to better productivity, increased happiness and general overall wellbeing. Which is why it's so interesting that so many of us are sleeping on mattresses that leave us sore and tired. It's our general dissatisfaction with our sleeping conditions that has led to the rise of innovative companies making it easier than ever to shop for a quality mattress. Yes, we're talking about mattresses in a box, delivered right to your door, with the latest and greatest foam technology, all promising the best sleep of your life. We put three of these brands—Douglas, Casper and Endy—to the test by trying them out ourselves. And we have to say, we're all sleeping a little better. To lean more about each brand and our own sleep experiences, read on. You might just be encouraged to try one of these mattresses yourself.



By Marianne Davidson, editorial assistant

A few months ago, when it was time for me to get a new mattress, I was dreading the process—I’m really not a fan of in-store shopping, especially for big-ticket items. That’s when a colleague suggested I try a mattress-in-a-box, and my research began. Turns out there are a few brands to choose from, but the one that really stood out to me was Douglas, a Canadian company that creates medium-firm foam mattresses that are plush yet supportive, provide pressure point relief and are conveniently delivered to your doorstep in a few days. To top it off, the company’s manufacturing and shipping processes take place in Canada and the materials they use are sourced solely from Canadian suppliers. What’s not to love?

The Highlights

Douglas’s amazing mandate to keep it Canadian is not only better for our country’s economy, but it also reduces the brand's carbon footprint. In addition, the company uses renewable materials where possible (like on the mattress covers, which are crafted using sustainable Natural Eucalyptus Fabric– a trademarked, pesticide-free and almost zero waste material). I love this, knowing I’m not pressing my face against a chemically treated fabric night after night, and also making sustainable purchasing choices by opting for a brand that cares about the environment.   

Ordering and Delivery

Douglas’s ordering system is simple and easy to use. I placed my order and my new King-sized mattress was delivered two days later. The box weighed about 80lbs, so it was a bit tough to lift up the staircase on my own, but I was too excited to wait until my husband got home for help.

After removing the vacuum-sealed roll of material, I carefully cut open the plastic wrapping and could immediately hear it filling with air. By the time the plastic was removed, the mattress was fully expanded. A few hours later I popped into bed and had a blissful sleep.

The Stats

The mattress was designed with three layers of different types of foam, making it ten inches thick. On the bottom, six inches of support foam specifically designed to eliminate motion transfer, create a solid foundation. Next, two inches of Elastex foam (like latex, but made without the harmful chemicals found in some latex products) create the middle foam layer. The top layer is two inches of luxurious cooling gel foam, which absorbs heat, keeping you from overheating at night. The eucalyptus fabric cover draws moisture away, making for a cool, dry and totally dreamy sleep.

I now wake up rejuvenated and without any of the lifelong hip pain that has defined my sleeping experience.

Dollars and Cents

The price of a Douglas mattress ranges from $599 for a Twin, up to only $849 for a King or California King, making its price very reasonable compared to other mattress options. But even if you can’t purchase it all at once, the brand offers financing options. With Douglas, you also get a longer trial time of 120 nights (a bump up from many 100-night trials other brands offer). If the mattress doesn’t work for you, you can easily return it, and best of all—it’s not just thrown in the trash, but donated to charity. Though, I don’t see why anyone would want to return it!

Bottom Line

I love this mattress so much, I have already recommended it to a number of people, and will soon be placing an order to try out the brand's memory foam pillows.

Shop Douglas Mattresses Here.



By Linda Cotrina, web producer

I treasure my sleep more than a cat does (I wish I could sleep for 12-16 hours a day) so resting my eyes on a good mattress is super important to me. I’ve had my current queen mattress for about two years and while my sleep was good for a while, I was starting to wake up feeling sore, unrested and a little cranky. When the opportunity came around to try a new mattress—The Casper specifically—I jumped on board. I’ve seen and heard all the hype surrounding the company so I was eager to test the waters for myself.

The First Night

It was an exciting day when the Casper box arrived on my doorsteps. Luckily, I live on the first floor of a house with my boyfriend so we were both able to bring in the 70-lbs box into our apartment with ease. Naturally, my three cats were intrigued and immediately inspected (jumped on and laid down on) the box. After their fun was over, we removed the queen mattress from the box, carefully cut the plastic surrounding the mattress and placed it on our bed frame. The mattress didn’t quite fit our frame perfectly but it wasn’t an issue when it came to bedtime. When I woke up after my first night, I felt so well-rested and refreshed—and eager to get back into bed the next night. 

Between the Layers

The Casper mattress features four layers of high-density memory foam for balanced support, breathability, comfort and alignment. The mattress is a bit softer around the shoulder area for enough sink to relieve pressure while the area around the hips and core is a little firmer to help support proper spine alignment. I definitely felt the difference between my old mattress and The Casper on my first night’s sleep. My lower back pain wasn’t as bad as the day before and, overall, I had a well-rested sleep (minus the nightly interruptions from the cats, but that’s just living life with furry friends). Open-cell foams that have tiny pores allow excess hot air to escape so you’re not an overheating mess (which I totally was before).

Dollars and Cents

With six sizes available for The Casper (they also have two other options called The Essential and the newest mattress, The Wave), prices range from $725 for a twin and up to $1,275 for a California king. While that’s more than I’ve ever paid for a mattress, they do offer financing options if you can’t fork over the cash all at once. Also, you’re guaranteed a 100-night risk-free trial with free shipping, but if you’re not comfortable ordering a mattress online you haven’t tried, and you live in or near Toronto, you can visit one of the brand's sleep stores for a test drive. If you’re not satisfied after the trial, you’ll get a full refund, and Casper will even come pick it up free of charge—no need to squeeze it back into its box. It’s also great the brand tries to donate returned mattresses to charity so you don’t have to feel bad if it's not for you. Casper also has a range of products including pillows, duvets and even pet beds so even your furry pal can enjoy a good night’s sleep. 

Overall Experience

I’m on night 42 and I now know why over 1.2 million people love this mattress. It’s one of the most comfortable beds I’ve slept on and has just the right amount of firmness, support and breathability so that I’m not waking up a completely sore and sweaty mess. It’s a good look for me now and I’m hooked so much so that a Casper pillow is on my to-buy list for 2019. 

Shop Casper Mattresses Here.



By Alexandra Donaldson, fashion and beauty editor

Last year, I reviewed the Endy mattress and—spoiler alert—I loved it. In the time since that review, my feelings about my mattress haven't changed. I still love the support and softness that this foam mattress offers and even in the heat of summer, I remain cool and comfortable. I'm still a big fan of Endy's pricing (which means that all sizes up to a California King are under $1,000). And I've since picked up an Endy pillow and sheets which have all impressed me. But the big news since I wrote my Endy review is that the company, which launched in 2015, was acquired by Sleep Country Canada in late 2018. This not only points to Endy's growth in the industry in such a short period of time but also it's commitment to remaining a Canadian-owned company too. My hope is that new ownership won't tinker with what has made the brand a favourite in my household—quality products that truly deliver a good night's sleep. A press release of the acquisition shares that Endy will remain an independently operated enterprise with the same mission it's always had. Time will tell, but in the meantime, I still recommend this mattress to everyone I know who is looking to up their sleep quality. 

Click here to read the full Endy Mattress Review.

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Casper, Douglas or Endy—which mattress is right for you?