Holiday Decor

Deck The Halls With These Beautiful Holiday Wreaths

13 Beautiful Holiday Wreaths For Every Home

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Holiday Decor

Deck The Halls With These Beautiful Holiday Wreaths

As chestnuts are roasting over open fires and Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, holiday decorations are making their way out of storage and into your living space. Check out these beautiful wreaths for inspiration.

Our favourite way of letting all our neighbours know that we have officially welcomed the holiday spirit into our homes is by hanging a lovely wreath. The great thing about wreaths is that they come in so many different options, depending on what you're looking for.

Here are some of our favourites for inspiration:

1. Golden hour


Add sparkle to your door with some gilded decorations like this beautiful wreath.

2. Flower garden


This wreath looks like a blooming garden, despite the wintertime. Use artificial flowers or dried ones to achieve this effect.

3. Autumnal vibes


If fall remains your favourite season (for its beautiful colours and mild temperature), there is no need to say goodbye to it until next September! This wreath is perfectly autumnal while still being perfect for the holidays.

4. Tchaikovsky medley


Nothing says Christmas like everyone's favourite ballet. Integrate elements of the Nutcracker for some magical vibes.

5. Lovely minimalism


No need to go over the top if you don't want to! Some pine branches and eucalyptus also look great. Tie it all together with a silk or velvet ribbon.

6. Rosy tones


Embrace femininity and romance with this beautiful pink wreath. This one is sure to turn heads!

7. Orangery gardens


A classic way to decorate your wreath is with dried orange wedges. We also love the orange bow and brass bells on this one!

8. Fluffy and cozy


No need to use botanicals at all! This unique wreath is easy to DIY during your next arts and crafts night.

9. Rustic nature


This wreath looks like a winter forest and we're here for it. The berries and pine cones give it the perfect rustic feeling, while the cinnamon sticks are an unexpected touch.

10. Fields of gold


We love how simple and elegant this wreath is! Although it may seem a bit unexpected, it's the perfect addition to any door as it'll reflect light beautifully. 

11. Rustic simplicity


If you're a fan of Scandinavian simplicity, then wreaths made out of woven branches are the perfect option for you. Jute ribbons add the perfect rustic touch.

12. Boho perfection


Macrame isn't only for hanging plants or for summer decor! It also looks great in the winter, like this beautiful wreath.

13. Sweet dreams


Sweet tooth, anyone? Let your guests know that your home is as sweet as it gets with this stunning wreath and the many sweet treats on it.





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Holiday Decor

Deck The Halls With These Beautiful Holiday Wreaths