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DIY: Wooden-ring towel holder

DIY: Wooden-ring towel holder

Photography: Donna Griffith

DIY & Crafts

DIY: Wooden-ring towel holder

Bathroom lacking square footage? This DIY towel holder will offer crafty, space-saving charm.

We're so hung up on this DIY wooden-ring towel holder—which maximizes storage without limiting style—that we're certain you'll want to commit to one, too.


• Scissors 
• 1 1/2-inch wide ribbon 
• 3/4-inch fabric fuse tape 
• Iron 
• Four 3-inch diameter wooden rings 
• Round punch 
• Hammer 
• 3 double-cap rivets 
• Anvil 
• Rivet setter


1. Cut the ribbon into lengths of 16, 20 and 24 inches. Cut the fuse tape to the same lengths.

2. Fold in both ends of each ribbon 1/2 inch; iron.

3. Fold one ribbon in half along its length (the ribbon will be 3/4 inch wide); iron. Open up the ribbon; place the corresponding length of fuse tape inside. Fold the ribbon back in half; iron until the sides are fused. Repeat with the remaining lengths of ribbon.

4. Designate one ring as the top hanger. Feed one ribbon through the top hanger; add a second ring (to create its bottom hanger).

5. Overlap the ends of the ribbon by about 1/2 inch. (Make sure the ribbon isn't twisted.) Set the punch over the overlapped ends; hammer to create a hole.

6. Feed a rivet with the pin through the back of the hole; cap it with the plain end. Set the rivet on the anvil. Place the rivet setter over the rivet; hammer a few times to secure. Repeat with the remaining ribbons and rings.


Medium double-cap rivets in Antique Brass,

The unfinished wooden rings are at once organic and sleek, lending a warm modern esthetic. 



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DIY & Crafts

DIY: Wooden-ring towel holder