5 ways to decorate your home with plants

5 ways to decorate your home with plants

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5 ways to decorate your home with plants

We've got five fun ways to add some greenery to your home.

1. In a corner
Convention dictates that hanging baskets are for ferns, but these modular wall-mounted planters are reason enough to break the rules. The stackable column of containers—customizable to any height—is a striking way to bring life to a dead corner.

minigarden corner set

Minigarden corner set (column of three stackable planters), $35,

2. From the ceiling
Free up precious floor space with this mod mobile, which transforms any six-inch-diameter pot into a hanging basket.

west elm pot

Hanging wire pot bracket, $29,

3. Up the wall
Sometimes, there's nowhere to go but up! Tap the growing potential of your walls with these innovative vertical planters.

Are you tired of fussing with plant markers? A chalkboard frame makes it easy to keep tabs on what's about to sprout.

williams-sonoma wall planter

Chalkboard wall planter, $227,

Rearrange these basketlike planters on a whim. They're attached to the modular panels with powerful magnets.

eq3 family kit

Urbio Big Happy Family Kit, $175,

Go ahead and enjoy that extended vacation. With its built-in reservoir, this self-watering planter can look after itself.

minigarden basic pots

Minigarden small basic with pots, $30,

4. Inside a table
A chic hybrid of accent table and terrarium, this double-duty piece certainly earns its footprint.

oniprojects everything table

Object Interface Everything table, $799,

5. Along a room divider
When it comes to carving an open-concept space into separate zones, a folding screen is an old decorating standby. What makes this room divider revolutionary is its capacity: 13 built-in brackets to hold a baker's dozen of your go-to blooms.

ikea plant stand

Socker indoor/outdoor plant stand, $50,



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5 ways to decorate your home with plants