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New Book Releases We Can't Wait To Read In Spring 2024

New Book Releases We Can't Wait To Read In Spring 2024

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New Book Releases We Can't Wait To Read In Spring 2024

2024’s first wave of new titles sets the scene for themes we’ll be seeing all year.

Trend: Sisters



They may make us crazy, but we can’t deny the bond that siblings have, one that means if you mess with one, the others are coming for you. A plethora of books this season zero in on that connection, featuring sisters who have all kinds of relationships, from estranged and protective to fractious and closer-than-close.

Explore the family values in these 6 new and upcoming releases:

Trend: Diagnosis: Suspicious Behaviour



Unreliable narrators in psychological thrillers are going next level, with authors pushing the envelope by giving their characters any number of different afflictions—from motion blindness to dissociative identity disorder—to make motivations and crimes that much harder to figure out.


Dig deep into the psyche in these 5 new and upcoming mysterious and suspenseful releases:

Trend: Arctic shivers



Stone cold fear is piping hot this year. Thrillers of all types set in northern locales are getting our blood pumping. New additions to favourite series like Kelley Armstrong’s Haven’s Rock books vie with compelling debut novels that feature icy waters, frozen lands and chilling intrigue.

Cozy up with one of these 5 new and upcoming frosty releases:

Trend: The winds of war, Pacific-style



While the popularity of novels that focus on the Second World War in Europe and North America shows no signs of slowing down, books like Vanessa Chan’s The Storm We Made and Kristin Hannah’s The Women, among others, are shining a light on how past and ongoing conflicts in Asia reverberate into both the present day and the future.

Discover the continuing human cost of war in these 6 new and upcoming releases:

Trend: Houses with secrets



Who knows what lurks within these crumbling walls? It seems that in 2024 many a young couple—plus some singletons, too—are moving into that chestnut of Gothic literature: an isolated old house with mysterious past inhabitants. Mini-trend: Many of these new abodes are the result of inheritances.

Go behind locked doors—if you dare!—in these 6 new and upcoming releases:

Trend: We're all alone out here



Isolation—psychological, physical and metaphysical—continues to be fodder for authors exploring the meaning of life. Or just a really good plotline. Adding a sense of unease and danger to each of these novels is the presence of the uncontrollable forces of nature: storms, seas, fires, drought, plagues; here, existential threat meets defining moment of truth.

Find out if these characters can survive the proverbial wild in these 6 new and upcoming releases:

Trend: Writers as detectives



It seems inevitable that mystery authors would have a moment of indulgence in creating protagonists that practice their own craft. Write what you know, right? There are tons of scribes-turned-sleuths to choose from right now, from behind-the-scenes ghostwriters drawn into suspenseful goings-on to more meta versions in which the author takes centre stage.

See if the pen is mightier than the sword, pistol and poison in these 7 new and upcoming releases:

Trend: Sports romances



Locker rooms are steaming up in a bunch of hot-and-heavy rom-coms in 2024. While we know that athletes have been hero material for some time now, it seems that everyone and her sister is jumping on this bandwagon, with favourite romance authors like Tessa Bailey and Becka Mack releasing new entries in the genre. We’re loving Mack’s Unravel Me and Jenny Holiday’s Canadian Boyfriend, both part of the minitrend involving hockey players.

Give your heart a workout with these 7 new and upcoming swoony releases:


Trend: Sidekicks



As much as a solitary journey can be meditative and healing, sometimes having a partner in crime makes everything better. That’s definitely true of these books, just a few of the swath of up-and-comers that feature besties, enemies and oddball pairings who must work together to accomplish everything from getting married to solving murders to pulling heists.

See what high jinks women get up to in these 6 new and upcoming releases:


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More new releases: Nonfiction


My Fighting Family, Morgan Campbell, $35
The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod, $25
The Wisdom of Nurses, Amie Archibald- Varley and Sara Fung, $25
Sociopath: A Memoir, Patric Gagne, Ph.D., $38 
Followed by the Lark, Helen Humphreys, $33
Black Boys Like Me, Matthew R. Morris, $26
Be a Revolution, Ijeoma Oluo, $33.50
Traveling: On the Path of Joni Mitchell, Ann Powers, $43.50 
Why We Remember, Charan Ranganath, $38
Every Living Thing, Jason Roberts, $42
The House of Hidden Meanings, RuPaul, $37
Knife, Salman Rushdie, $35
Outspoken, Sima Samar with Sally Armstrong, $36
The Showman, Simon Schuster, $41
Nowhere, Exactly: On Identity and Belonging, M.G. Vassanji, $35






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New Book Releases We Can't Wait To Read In Spring 2024