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16 Exciting Ideas to Make Every Summer Weekend Unforgettable

16 Exciting Ideas to Make Every Summer Weekend Unforgettable

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Community & Current Events

16 Exciting Ideas to Make Every Summer Weekend Unforgettable

There are 16 weekends from Victoria Day to Labour Day, and we're planning on making the most of every one.

You know that feeling when May comes around and you rub your hands together in anticipation of all the delightful things that summer brings? That's the feeling we're trying to hold on to this year, instead of working, rinsing, repeating, then suddenly realizing it's August and thinking "Where did the time go?" This list of ways to enjoy the warm weather provides a road map for taking advantage of all this season has to offer.

1. Create a list of three new restaurants to try over the summer months

Think beyond your favourite go-to cuisines and indulge in something you've never had before. Select restaurants with outdoor patios, of course.

2. Read a classic

You know those lists of books everyone should read? Some of their drier material may not tempt you, but authors as diverse as Lucy Maud Montgomery (born in 1874), Truman Capote (born in 1924) and Wilkie Collins (born in 1824) are celebrating anniversaries this year, and offer a satisfying summer read or two in their repertoires.

For more, read these:

Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery OBE, Amazon, $29



3. Observe some birds

Time passes quickly when you're lost in the beauty of colourful plumage and birdsong. These industrious creatures go unnoticed by many of us, so this year, take a moment and just watch.

4. Plant a seed


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It's easy to nurture a flower or vegetable that will give you happy feels all season. Even if it's just a herb in a pot on your windowsill, fostering Mother Nature's bounty is gratifying in its own right, but the reward of a ripe pea pod or strawberry to nibble on is sublime.

5. Take up a new hobby

We're not talking anything too strenuous—it's summer after all! Try cake decorating, strap on some roller skates, go antiquing and start a collection, paint an occasional table or vintage wooden farmhouse chair.

6. Watch a movie at the drive-in

The Fall Guy! Deadpool & Wolverine! Bad Boys 4! Beverly Hills Cop Axel F! Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga!—So. Many. Summer. Block busters!

7. Watch the sunrise


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The longest day of the year, June 20, provides optimal opportunity to see our world come alive.

8. Learn some history

Check out your local historical society or archive—even your neighbourhood library—to see what tours or talks are happening. Often weekend walks through cemeteries and other homegrown points of interest offer a new perspective and appreciation of your community.

9. Start a tradition

Start a Canada Day tradition by making a new recipe that everyone will love: The Raspberry Ice Cream Sundae from our July/August 2022 issue is a delicious place to start.

Get the recipe here.


10. Head to the beach

Mid-summer weekends are reliably hot and sunny, so take advantage and dip your toes in the water. We bet you'll come home exhausted and sandy but more relaxed than you've felt in ages.

11. Play a new board game

Inevitably there will be rain; we consider that a perfect time to stretch those brain muscles with family and friends.

Carbon City Zero: A Collaborative Game, Amazon, $40


12. Gaze at some stars

Choose a clean night and settle back to see how many constellations you can identify, then wonder at the vastness of the cosmos.

13. Volunteer your time

Local organizations often need extra help for summer events. Put your hand up and you may make some new friends.

14. Pack a picnic

When was the last time you took a basket of goodies and a blanket and sat on the grass to have a quintessential lunch of roast chicken, lemonade and cookies? This is your year! Note: Bring biodegradable dishes and cutlery.

15. Go camping

Even if it's in your own backyard. Is there anything as fun as crawling into a sleeping bag and a tent to enjoy the fresh night air? Make it as remote or nearby as you want.

16. Have fun at a local fair

From coast to coast, summer fairs abound for the pleasure of young and old alike. Corn dog, anyone?





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16 Exciting Ideas to Make Every Summer Weekend Unforgettable