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5 podcasts that will change your life

The 5 best podcasts to listen to now

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5 podcasts that will change your life

From dating to dipping your toe into mindfulness, these must-hears deserve a listen.

We’re not kidding: These podcasts really could transform who you are as a person. Or you know, just transform the monotony of your commute. We’ve rounded up the best of the bunch according to some specific areas you might be interested in exploring or improving. There’s even one that could turn you in Oprah (kinda).

For encouragement navigating the dating world:
File this one under: “I’m not the only one!”. If you’re out there in the wilderness that is the dating world, Swipe Out is a laugh-out-loud way to make you feel less alone. It’s hosted by Alix McAlpine, who starts the podcast with the goal of going on 34 first dates, trying to learn as much as she can about love, relationships, and most importantly, herself along the way. 

For snatching a few minutes of zen:
We love The Mindful Podcast because it's practical and QUICK—as in, 10-minute meditations. This is the perfect starter step for anyone who’s been interested in mindfulness but not quite up to tackling a full hour in the lotus pose. There’s also a wide variety of guided meditations on everything from tackling insomnia and anxiety to teaching mindfulness to kids. 

For understanding WTF is going on in our crazy world:
We get it: The news cycle can be pretty darn overwhelming these days. If, like us, you want to stay informed but also need a little context for what’s happening/what it means, you’re going to love Today, Explained. Hosted by the very charming Sean Rameswaram, it’s clever, snappy, and dare we say...entertaining? It’ll certainly make you feel like you’ve got a better handle on current events which is, frankly, a refreshing feeling.

For re-thinking how you live your daily life:
Tired of the rat race? Fed up with keeping up with the Joneses? Maybe just a little curious about doing life differently? You’re going to want to hear The Slow Home. Hosted by husband-and-wife proponents of the Slow Living movement, this (very soothing) show features thought-provoking interviews on subjects why you should take a “No Spend” challenge, raising free-range kids and a recent favourite, “The Joy of Doing Nothing.” 

For becoming a little bit more like your hero:
Just when you think you couldn’t love her anymore, along comes Making Oprah. Just three episodes long, this is a comprehensive look at how she became the icon she is today, focussing mostly on The Oprah Winfrey Show. It’s not explicitly motivational, per se, but hearing how Oprah changed the world against the odds might be just the #MondayMotivation you need to build your own empire. 


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5 podcasts that will change your life