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Jillian Harris talks winter fashion, mom-hacks & saving money

Jillian Harris talks winter fashion, mom-hacks & saving money

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Jillian Harris talks winter fashion, mom-hacks & saving money

We caught-up with do-all mom Jillian Harris to get the lowdown on everything from how she keeps her home looking Insta-worthy to her chic go-to winter wardrobe.

No matter how you know Jillian Harris — as the stylish former Bachelorette star, the talented host of HGTV’s Love it or List it Vancouver, or an inspiring Instagram influencer — one thing's obvious: she has great taste. And so, we were super excited to have the chance to chat with her at PC Optimum’s launch party to learn how she lives a 'Gram-ready life while juggling a jam-packed work schedule and being mom to baby Leo.


What does your average day look like?

In March, I’ll be starting up with Love It or List It again, so my schedule will get pretty intense. I have this well-oiled routine with my schedule now, which I’ve been dying to do for years — it’s taken a long time to stick to it. My day starts anywhere from 5:45 to 6:30 AM and it always starts with Leo, which is the best way to start the day — oh, and with Nacho [her dog], of course. I have a hot coffee, scroll Instagram then get to work.

What is your morning beauty regimen?

I don’t really have a beauty regimen for the morning because I wake up with Leo and Leo does not have time for serums and exfoliation. Usually, my beauty regime starts after he goes to daycare or when the nanny comes or when he goes down for his nap. We just installed a steam shower, so now I steam, exfoliate, and apply a serum and a nice lotion.

How about at night?

This depends on my exhaustion level. We all have those days where you barely make it into your pajamas and you pass out as you’re flopping down onto the bed. But I usually do a night-time serum or mask. I love hair masks, too. As I’ve gotten older my hair has started thinning, so I’m trying my best to put hair masks in, drink lots of water and eat avocados.

What beauty essentials do you rely on to get through winter?

Definitely exfoliating. There are some great exfoliators at Shopper’s Drug Mart. I just started using the Pixi exfoliator, which kind of smells like cucumber. Then I follow up with a great hyaluronic toner. 

Canadian winters mean being bundled from head-to-toe. How do you take this look from basic to beautiful?

I think a good red lip and a little bit of bronzer. There’s nothing more beautiful than stepping out in the winter with a little bit of a glow.

What are the five most-worn pieces in your wardrobe?

I wear my leather leggings like 80% of the time in the winter. Leo and I have matching tuques from Joe Fresh that we wear pretty much all the time. One of my favourite pieces this year is a great knit sweater from the men’s section at Joe Fresh. It’s this beautiful, charcoal, very chunky sweater. I actually shop in the men’s section at Joe Fresh quite a lot.

How do you beat the winter blues?

Wine. I feel like wine is a great way to embrace winter. I pour a glass of red wine, turn on the fireplace and my fiancé Justin and I listen to either classical or jazz every night at dinner.

How do you balance treating yourself and saving money?

I actually feel like I’ve done well with this one. I’m a thrifty person. Some people can have the $600 sunglasses, and I totally appreciate it, but it’s not for me or the lifestyle I have — I’m always losing things or Leo’s going to drop it or Nacho’s going to chew on it. So now I ask myself when I’m buying something, “Will I have this for the next five years?” If I ask myself this serious question and still think that I’m going to lose it or it is going to go out of style, then I don’t buy it.

How do you keep your home looking Insta-worthy while managing your business and family?

I can’t lie on this one — I have help. When we got pregnant with Leo, Justin and I talked a lot about my business and my career. From filming two TV shows to managing my website and my team to representing brands, there was no way I could keep on top of everything. We knew we needed to get part-time help with Leo anyway, so we found somebody who also loved to clean and loved to cook. She’s amazing and we’re very lucky.

But one thing we do is tidy up after Leo goes to bed. Doing that reset at night really helps with your nervous system the next morning.

Do you have any life hacks for busy moms?

We don’t watch a lot of TV, so we have more time to work on our house. Not that your house is everything, but it is the place where you start your day and end your day. I have this theory that your home — how clean it is to how it is designed — can affect your mental health.  

I also think having that hard non-negotiable time where I can just spend it with my family is so important. Not everyone is able to take a day off, but maybe it is Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 PM on where you have no devices.

From bachelorette to Love it or List it Vancouver to your own TV show with Justin, you've done it all. What are you tackling next?

We’re working on getting pregnant again, which is so exciting! When we got pregnant with Leo we were both terrified. We knew that we wanted to have a baby but when it happens you’re like, “My life’s over, I’ll never be the same person again.” But that little human being brings so much joy into our life that we can’t wait to have another one.

We’re thinking about even getting another dog for Nacho. And we’re going to start planning our wedding. I’m starting to film Love it or List it again in March. So yeah, I think I’ve got my hands full.





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Culture & Entertainment

Jillian Harris talks winter fashion, mom-hacks & saving money