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Why our obsession with Céline Dion goes on

Why our obsession with Céline Dion goes on

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Why our obsession with Céline Dion goes on

After a career that spans almost four decades, our love for the Canadian singer is stronger than ever.

Céline Dion has been belting out the ballads since 1980, showing off her incredible talent, enthusiastic hand gestures and general infectiousness all the while. Through the years, she's come and gone from the spotlight, but now, she's standing directly in it. From owning the street style game at couture fashion week in Paris to wrapping up her critically-acclaimed Vegas residency to shutting down body-shaming comments, 2019 is off to a pretty stellar start for the star.

Here are all the reasons why, four decades on, the Canadian chanteuse is still making major headlines.

1. She owned couture week… again
Dion is officially everyone's favourite couture week attendee, and she took to Paris again this season to serve up look after amazing look.

She's been a front row regular since 2016, which is no surprise considering all the avant-garde ensembles for her Vegas residency performances. And every season, her outfits get more on-point, her reactions get more priceless and her general reputation as a taste maker gets elevated. This season just wrapped, and we already can't wait to see her return to Paris for fall/winter 2019/20.

2. She knows how to take on the haters
While she was at couture week, a lot of Dion's social media followers decided that it would be acceptable to comment on her weight. In an interview with The Sun, she responded to the critics who said she was too thin with a very simple solution. “If you like it, I'll be there. If you don't, leave me alone.” Take that, trolls.

3. She has a (platonic) new man
His name is Pepe Muñoz, he's one of Dion's backup dancers, and you might recognize him as the man who was on her arm during this season's couture week. 

Although they looked pretty cosy in Paris, both the singer and the dancer have denied any kind of romance. They're just very, very good friends, and as Dion has stated many a time, her heart still belongs to her late husband, René Angélil, who passed away in 2016.

4. She ditched that R.Kelly duet
After the release of the shocking documentary series Surviving R.Kelly, which details his years of abuse and sexual misconduct, many musicians who have collaborated with him in the past are now distancing themselves from that work. It looks like that growing list now includes Dion, too. Back in 1998, she recorded a duet titled I'm Your Angel with the now-infamous musician for her holiday album, These Are Special Times. But, the song has now been wiped both from her YouTube channel and from her Apple Music profile

5. Her Vegas residency is ending
After eight years on The Colosseum at Caesars Palace stage, Dion's very last performance will be on June 8 of this year. This was her second residency, her first running from 2003 to 2008, and in the past 15 years, she did more than 1,000 shows and sang for millions of fans. Tickets aren't sold out yet for her final run, and if you're willing to spend $1,200 US, you can even get pretty close to the stage on some of the nights.


6. New music is on its way
If the previous point made you sad, take solace in this one: Part of the reason her residency is ending is because she's working on a new album. 

This was back in September, and there hasn't been any official confirmation on a new album from Dion's camp yet. Fingers crossed it surfaces before the end of the year.

7. There's a movie based on her life in the works
Aptly called The Power of Love, the film won't be a biopic, but loosely based on her life, from her beginnings in small-town Quebec to her rise to international fame. French actor, singer and director Valérie Lemercier will star as Celine, and she'll be directing the film, too. Since Dion's people have greenlit the project, and given Lemercier the rights to use her music, it sounds like this will be a pretty literal homage to the Canadian songstress. Shooting hasn't started yet, so we won't get to see the final product until the end of 2020.  If it doesn't include lots of fist-pumping and power ballads, we'll be thoroughly disappointed.



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Why our obsession with Céline Dion goes on