7 Last Minute DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas

7 Last Minute DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas

7 Last Minute DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Let’s face it: Mother's Day snuck up on you and you find yourself empty-handed. But it's never too late to get mom a present she'll love – or, why not, make her a gift she’ll actually use.

We put together a list of thoughtful and useful Mother's Day gifts that you can make yourself at home even at the last minute.


1. Lush Body Scrub

A handmade gift is a great way to show mom how much you appreciate her, but many craft projects are pretty time-consuming. However, a few kitchen staples can help you create a beautiful last minute gift. You will need some sugar, coconut oil and a touch of vanilla for alluring scent. If you don’t have vanilla, you can use any essential oils you like, and coconut oil can be replaced for olive oil. Mix all your ingredients together until you get that body scrub consistency. Place your mix in a clean mason jar, add a hand-written label and a little bow, for an extra personal touch. It takes around 10 minutes to make, and it doesn’t even require a trip to the supermarket.


2. Assorted Sweet Treats Gift Basket

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat every now and then? Buy a few of your mom’s favourite desserts, chocolates and sweets and place them in a gift box or a simple basket. Wrap your gift up nicely and add a hand-written message. If you feel up for it, you can always make the sweets yourself, at home. Go for chocolate-covered strawberries, that are super delicious and easy to make, or bake a few colourful cupcakes or cookies with the kids for a grandma that has the sweet tooth.


3. DIY Boho Flower Vase

This gift may require some extra tools, but it’s definitely worth it. You will need a plain glass vase or a basic mason jar and a glue gun to get started. To add that boho element, you will need either some jute rope, a piece of cane webbing or some rattan, whichever is easier for you to find. Wrap your chosen material around the jar and stick it with hot glue. Get as creative as you like and mix and match your materials to make the vase more unique and fun.


4. Family Recipe Box

This one is ideal for moms who love to cook. Collect your favourite family recipes from your grandma, aunt, or anyone who has access to decades of secret family recipes. Place all your cars, organized by category, in a box. Decorate your box with wrapping paper, peel-and-stick wallpaper or paint it by hand and make the outside just as amazing as the inside.  We guarantee that mom will love this Mother’s Day gift, but you can also make copies and offer grandma the recipe box as well.


5. Home Spa Gift Box

Encourage mom to take some time for herself with a little wellness session at home. Create your own gift basket by collecting all the essentials mom would need for a day of pampering at home. Body scrub, a foot file, a body brush, aromatic bath salts, an exfoliating facial sponge or a face mask are just a few ideas for your gift basket. You can add any product you think your mom would like, just be sure to package it nicely, to make Mother’s Day more special.


6. Family Photo Collage

Dig up some old family photos and use them to create an amazing DIY gift for mom for Mother’s Day. You can use an old picture frame to help you frame your creation. Arrange the pics however you like and write the date and event next to each photo. If your photos are digital, you can always use Canva to help you create a beautiful design and print it out to fit your frame. There are hundreds of templates to choose from, so you can use this platform even if you have no artistic talent.


7. Mom Survival Emergency Kit

We all have those days when we just have no energy to do anything and we need to recharge. And fact is, moms have an even harder job. Show mom that you acknowledge how hard she works and gift her an emergency survival kit for her to use on those hard days. Fill a box with everything mom needs to take the edge off and recharge. From her favourite wine and chocolates, to scented candles, face masks and migraine pills, add anything else mom may need. This fun gift takes little time to make, so don’t panic if you’ve forgotten to buy a gift for Mother’s Day this year.


Final Thoughts

A handmade gift is the perfect way to show mom how much you love her. A lush body scrub or a home spa gift box are great for encouraging mom to take some time for herself, while a lovely family photo collage and a family recipe box will bring back beautiful memories. An assorted treat basket or a mom survival kit are ideal for helping mom face those hard days, while a DIY flower vase is a thoughtful gift that any mom will love.❤️️


Monica Selvi is a content writer and regular contributor to The Pearl Source, leading pearl jewelry retailer.  With a passion for fashion, health & nutrition and photography, Monica loves to combine her creative side with analytical skills, to deliver high-quality and relevant content.  


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7 Last Minute DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas