Dating in 2019 is hard—but these podcasts can help

Dating in 2019 is hard—but these podcasts can help

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Dating in 2019 is hard—but these podcasts can help

Sometimes you just need to hear you're not alone out there

You'd think, what with all our technical advances, someone would have figured out an algorithm that would actually match you with your one true love. (If you've been on any of the apps recently you will know perfecting that functionality is definitely still a work in progress). What the Internet has given us, however, is access to a plethora of podcasts on the subject of dating. And, much like the humans out there looking for love, there are all kinds, and there's one out there for everyone. 

Here are 5 dating podcasts that might just be The One.


Dating Kinda Sucks

The title of this one is a solid indicator of the overall vibe: A refreshingly honest look at dating in 2019, from the perspective of a man and woman out there in the real world. Sarah has never been in love, Adam is divorced, and together they're sharing their real-life stories of trying to find their Person...or you know, just a person. On the way, they tackle topics like “How to break up like an adult”, the concept of “being out of your league,” and, necessary but depressing, “How to deal with creepy guys”. 



At seven seasons deep, this may be one of the longest running dating podcasts out there, for good reason. It's basically just real people sharing their real-life relationship stories, and if it had to be summarised in a word, that word would be “relatable.” If you're starting from scratch, I'd recommend checking out one of their playlists which curate episodes over the years, along with various themes like “Single and Ready To Mingle,” aka everything you need to know about the dating culture in the 21st century. 


The Ready For Love Podcast

Ane Aure is a British dating coach who has been there—unexpectedly single after a divorce, and suddenly faced with finding Prince Charming when she thought she'd found her happily ever after. While there is some dating advice mixed in there, this podcast is less about the external world of dating in 2019 and more about the internal work that a) might have contributed to relationship failure in the past and b) will set you up for success on that magical one day when you find The One...or just realise you're totally fine on your own after all. 


The Dating Advisory Board

Here's one with a unique angle: Approaching finding love using strategies and concepts plucked from the business world. Example: Taking the “funnel” idea from the world of sales (ie how to go from cold calling to, uh, sealing the deal) and applying it to how you might approach finding a mate. Hosted by Jen Hecht, the whole ethos of the show is about empowering women (and men) to dedicate the same passion and smarts that make them successful in their careers winners in the game of love as well. 


Swipe Out 

How's this for a testimonial? Podcast host Alix set out to make a series about going on 34 first dates...and all the good, bad and awkward that came out of that. She actually ended up meeting her boyfriend through the process, and, now happily committed, has expanded the show to include the first dating adventures of other hopeful singles. You'll cringe, you'll cry, but mostly, you'll be so glad to hear that it's not just you that's had [insert uncomfortable experience here] happen on a first date. 




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Dating in 2019 is hard—but these podcasts can help